"The cook puts the plate on the table."

Translation:Kocken ställer tallriken på bordet.

January 23, 2015

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Is the difference between ställer/lägger and stannar/ligger that ställer and lägger refer to an action causing something to lie/stand on a surface, while stannar and ligger refer to a state of existing on that surface?

For example, "Jag lägger mig på sängen" means "I am actively in the process of manuevering myself so that I am lying down on the bed" while "Jag ligger på sängen" means "I am in a static state of of existing on the bed in a lying position" ?


That's right, except it isn't stannar but står. stannar means stays.


could you not also say: kocken "sätter" tallriken på bordet? and would that not be possibly more correct? :)


Plates are most commonly considered to be standing (ställer) on the table, despite their flatness. It's not ungrammatical to use sätter, but it's not the most natural way of phrasing it.


Can we translate in English as the cook sets`?


Sure you can, since there are many factors that come into play (e.g. the object's shape, its size, the slope of the surface it rests against) there are no general rules regarding this.

I believe one has three alternatives here: ställer, sätter or lägger (or you can play it safe and say placerar ;-) )

I personally would use lägger or ställer in this particular sentence - but it's just a matter of taste.


Lägger is not possible to use with tallrikar. It sounds really weird to a native.


Må så vara, men jag tycker personligen att man kan lägga ner en tallrik på bordet. Hm.. så det är endast tillåtet med lägger då man lägger tallriken upp och ner.


Förvisso kan man lägga tallriken på det viset, men det känns lite fel att ha med i kursen och lära ut. :) Stor risk för missförstånd då, tror jag.


I just used lägger and it worked.


tack för hjälpen :)


How one ställer tallriken på bördet? shouldn't it be "lägger" instead?


didn't you read zmrzlina's comments?


I just used lägger and it worked. Suggested answer is ställer. Shouldn't it be one or the other?

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