"När de gör en bättre produkt ska jag köpa den."

Translation:When they make a better product, I will buy it.

January 23, 2015

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The word order here works like this: [Subordinate clause] ska jag köpa den. The subordinate clause takes up the first place, therefore the verb needs to go right after that.

Compare: it would be the same if you just said:
I morgon ska jag köpa den. – Tomorrow I will buy it.


im a fast learner, thats clear now, but fro ex, ska jag köpa det? that is a question for right?


That's right, in questions the verb goes before the subject. Normal word order in a simple phrase would be Jag ska köpa det. (with the verb in second place) To turn it into a question, we put the verb first: Ska jag köpa det?


How would you say it if you rearranged the sentence to 'I will by it when they make a better product"? I think it would be "Jag ska köpa den när gör de en bättre produkt"? But the verb is not second.


Not being native, but was living in sweden, for me that sounds strange... If rearranged, than following sounds correct to me: "jag ska köpa den när de gör en bättre produkt". But maybe i'm wrong...


No expert, but in this case the main and subordinate clauses have traded places, i.e. the main clause is first and "ska" is the verb in the second position. Therefore you don't need to rearrange the "gör". Need an expert to weigh in please!


Is it wrong to use tillverkar or utvecklar in place of gör in this sentence?


for me it would be definitely ok, because the meaning would suggest so. However... while tilverkar is only a bit more high/sofisticated; on the other side utvecklar is a bit different for me in the meaning, since it is more to develop (meaning it is not only about production quality, etc, but they have to really do R&D to change the product... so utvecklar is slightly different so in strict aspect I would not accept it as a teacher, but only as an individual speaking with someone...


why isnt "that" accepted instead of "it"?


Does the subordinate clause need "så" here? I remember there were similar sentences where not using "så" was marked as incorrect


I wonder if it could be "if they produce a better product I will buy it "


Why is "if they make a better product..." Wrong here?


Why not "produce" instead of "make" in english translation?

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