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"O acidente aconteceria em qualquer lugar."

Translation:The accident would happen anywhere.

August 2, 2013



Could the translation also be, "could happen", or "might happen", both of which are also conditional.


could happen = poderia ocorrer / might happen = talvez ocorra. I think Duo would see the translation this way...


Paulo, was there a good reason for choosing to replace acontecer (the verb used originally) with ocorrer when you answered this question? Wouldn't "poderia acontecer" and "talvez acontecesse" work just as well?

Also, I thought "talvez ocorresse/acontecesse" is more like "might have occured/happened" and so is "talvez occora/aconteça" a better fit for "might happen"? You know how I love the subjunctive :-) Thanks for your thoughts.


oh.... i just hadn't noticed that! But they are used interchangeably =) "might have happened" also means talvez tivesse ocorrido/acontecido, but I fixed my answer. yes, "might happen" = talvez ocorra/aconteça.


"occur" should be acceptable ....


"could happen anywhere" is such a common thought/phrasing/concept. I can't even think of a context where "would happen anywhere'" would make sense.


Could and would are not interchangeable in English. 'Could' is a reference to a possibility, while 'would' is a reference to probability. So, as Paulenrique indicates it would require the use of a form of the verb 'poder'. Interesting to note, this is what the fallacious Murphy's Law is based on, that is, on what 'could' happen. So, the only translation DL accepts is the one which uses 'would' and I couldn't agree more. I'm not trying to use a pun here either.


I can't think of many contexts where "would" would apply in this sentence, whereas "could" is very common.


I think that the context determines the meaning. That "would" happen here is the best translation only if the speaker were emphasizing the likelihood of that place being where such an event might occur--and it's usually meant ironically. There's nothing in the given Portuguese sentence to indicate the latter meaning.


The accident could have happened anywhere is also correct

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