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Talking to people

Hi, I would like to ask if you know any websites who allow you to talk to people from the whole world and learn languages this way. I know there are many of them but what's the biggest one or the best one (hopefully free)? Or maybe there are some for particular languages? Thanks for answering. EDIT: any websites "which" allow should it be

August 2, 2013



I was also searching for the same thing. I found one site called livemocha.com. It provides some services for free but i guess the complete service package is not free. I have not yet created an account. So I am not entirely sure. Check It out and do tell me if its any good.


I had an account on Livemocha but it wasn't exactly designed for talking. It was more like Duolingo but with worse sound - that's why I quited. It still may be used for practising. Anyway, thank you a lot.


This one is great. Thank you!

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