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How can I find my facebook friends?

Hi, I registered originally to Duo Lingo with just my email address, but I later connected it to my Facebook account. I did this only in order to find my Facebook friends, so I could add them to my Duo Lingo friends list.

Unfortunately I can't find the function to search my facebook friends who have connected Duo Lingo app with their Facebook account. Is it possible to search Duo Lingo for my Facebook friends?

August 2, 2013



I can't find all of my friends using the "find more friends on Facebook"-button. Only a few of them are available there

[deactivated user]

    I also can't add my friends from Facebook on Duolingo :( Please Help!


    Does not work for me either. It just does not find anything, when I search for my facebook friends. I even tried to reconnect with my account.


    Today it also not working

    [deactivated user]

      I've tried it on a PC and a Mac, Chrome, IE and Safari. It always does the same thing. I click it and the border surrounding the box lengthens one space. That's it. :P


      That's exactly what happens to me too


      On your Home page at the bottom of your Leaderboard there is a button that says "Find more friends on Facebook" which will let you search for your Facebook friends currently using Duolingo.


      I realize this is an old post, but clicking this button does not seem to accomplish anything for me. Any help in that regard?


      Agreed. I find the same thing.


      thanks. I was trying first to do it with the Android app, and then with the browser from my profile pages and search bar. I didn't realize to go to the language page with a browser. Well I found it eventually :)

      Thanks for the awesome software!


      Clearly: Everyone here has pressed that button to no avail. Not helping.


      The Facebook button didn't seem to work for me either. I agree with other that if this hasn't been fixed, the most likly cause is in fact that none of your friends have a FB-connected Duolingo account.

      They should add a message that makes this clear, and they should also have a way to invite people through Facebook.

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