"She is down on the floor underneath."

Translation:Hon är nere på våningen under.

January 23, 2015

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Wouldn't this be "she is on the floor below" in English? The structure of this sentence sounds a bit weird.


English is not my native language. I struggled to even understand it, and it needed the Swedish translation for that.


Agreed. This sounds like there's someone below the floorboards.


What's the difference between nere, nedför, ner, ned, etc.?


Nere is down (location) like ’He is down there’, ner/ned means motion down like ’I am going down the stairs’. Ned is the more formal and written variant of the two but they mean the same thing. Nedför/nerför is sort of downwards alongside something. You could also say Han gick nedför trappan for ’He went down the stairs’ since you’re walking along the stairs.

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