"How is it possible?"

Translation:Hur är det möjligt?

January 23, 2015

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After det, we use definite form (-a ending). So here why do not we use "hur är det möjliga?"


That's when det is a definite article. But in this case, det means "it" and functions as the object. The word möjlig describes the verb är rather than the noun - so it's an adverb, and needs the adverb form möjligt.


Why can I say "Det går inte" as traselation of "It is not possible" but not "Hur går det"


You mean you'd like to put Hur går det? as an answer here? Det går does mean 'It is possible', but Hur går det? is very tied up to the meaning 'How is it going?' or 'How are things going?', so we would probably not interpret it as 'How is it possible?'. I've discussed this with the other mods and they feel the same, we would like to add something, like Hur kan det gå? or Hur går det ihop? or make some other change to the sentence to make it mean that.


Why can you not use "den" instead of "det"?


I think it's because in Swedish, the 'default' is "det" until you know the gender of something. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.


Is hur är den möjlig ok?


It's not ungrammatical, but defaulting to det is so common in Swedish that I'd just use det even if we were talking about a specific en-word thing being possible.

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