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  5. "Ele tem medo de nadar."

"Ele tem medo de nadar."

Translation:He is afraid of swimming.

January 23, 2015



Could it also be translated as, "He has a fear of swimming," ? It's more literal, but the meaning is the same in English.


Exactly my answer -he has a fear of swimming ,meaning exactly the same thing yet marked wrong . Tshhhh....


Report it as your answer should be correct


'He has a fear of swimming' is perfectly good English.... Not sure why it is deemed wrong.


"He is frightened of swimming" means exactly the same thing but it is marked wrong?


Confuse lesson for me.

We translate (tem - has) and (is - esta), my answer was (He has fear to swim) and duolingo gave me wrong answer, but we do not translate (tem - is).


We do not translate tem - is literally, no, but in several romance languages "I am afraid" translates literally to "I have fear" (tenho medo, tengo miedo, j'ai peur) but we generally do not say it that way in English.


He is afraid to swim is really the only translation that makes sense in English, grammatically speaking, imho. "Being afraid of" indicates something outside of yourself (or out of your control). That's different from being afraid to do something yourself.

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