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I'm looking for friends studying PRT at around Level 15

Hi, Please friend me. I'm looking for some friends who I can compete/collaborate with who are roughly the same level as me and roughly spend 15mins-30mins on Duolingo a day. I also want to learn and discuss differences between European Portuguese (which I need to learn) and Brazilian Portuguese, so if that interests you please friend me too!

Jackie x

August 2, 2013



Hey there, I'm not quite level 15 yet, but I am interested in getting familiar with both European and Brazillian Portuguese (maybe with a little bit more of an emphasis on European PT) so maybe we can share what we know with each other. I'm not really into competing, but I am looking for practice in terms of speaking/listening as well as writing! Nice to meet you, hope to talk or write to you soon. :)


The level is not so important, it's more how engaged you are in learning. I friended so many people when I joined and only about 25% still study, so I was feeling a little lonely. I'm living in Portugal, so I can certainly help with highlighting where the Euro Portuguese is different. Maybe I'll start a discussion for it, if one doesn't already exist.

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