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Strength Bar Bug

I am trying to complete the last lesson in French Basics 2, however the strength bar won't work right. No matter how I answer the first question, it will always mark it as being right on the bar, then after that, it will never move again, no matter how many questions I've gotten right or wrong. Has anyone else experienced this?

January 23, 2015



Yes, my whole class right now! It seems that testing out is working, though.


This is happening to me in Spanish, eveything else is fine just Spanish Time


I have the same problem.


The same thing is happening to me for Spanish, though after answering so many questions it gets to a type what you hear question that won't load.


Yes, I have been having the same problem and on French (though it is also with all the other courses I am taking as well). And I was doing it yesterday and there was no problems with it.

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