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Sound Effects + Share Buttons Not Working

I've noticed the sound effects on both my App and the browser do not seem to be working anymore.

Additionally, I've noticed lately that when I finish a unit (and I suspect later if I achieve more trophies) the button for sharing on Twitter/FaceBook don't work. I don't try to be obnoxious and constantly update my progress in DuoLingo, but I do like to post sometimes (and share the trees!)

I tried searching the discussions because I doubt I'm the only person with these issues, but I didn't see anything with regard to being able to share on Twitter. :)

ETA: The sounds have started working again, and I haven't finished a unit so I can't test the sharing button yet, but I will say the sharing button does work on the app, it just wasn't working from the computer. (That was true before as well.)

January 23, 2015


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