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Weirdest, funniest or most esoteric sentence you have learned on Duolingo!

I hope no one will mind me starting this topic - it's a case of this makes me giggle, and I'm hoping others have similarly humorous experiences and can share!

I know a lot of the sentences and vocab are chosen to teach a grammar point, rather than because they are necessarily sentences that would crop up frequently for the beginner, and I actually really like learning a mixture of useful stuff, and stuff that is not necessarily immediately useful but might be interesting.

That said, occasionally Duolingo has come up with sentences that have made me roll about laughing, or declare "go home, Duolingo, you're drunk!"

Human nature and my brain being what it is, I'm pretty sure these are sentences I'll never forget, even if I never get to use them. I would absolutely LOVE to see what other strange sentences (in any language) have come up for other people. Also, of course, I love knowing really random sentences in ANY language :D

So far, my favourites on the weirdness front (with apologies if I type them wrong, fingers crossed I won't)...:

Ich habe eine Ente (I have a duck)

I really want to have a reason to use this at some point.

Dieser Käse ist gut, obwohl es ist alt (This cheese is good, although it is old)

... Yum...

Ich kenne nicht den Vogel (I do not know the bird)

Presumably, this is NOT my duck... ;D

January 23, 2015


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Sie ersetzt das Baby durch einen schwarzen Hund.

She replaces the baby with a black dog.


January 23, 2015


... Oh my goodness. And that thread is gold, thank you!


The weirdest one I heard was "He looks like a crepe"


He must be a mutant from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles .


I can't decide if that's supposed to be a compliment or an insult...


My favorite from Italian: "Vendo i frigoriferi, capisci?"

Also known as "I sell refrigerators, understand?" I think the Duolinguists that created this course liked to have some fun. I also saw one where one of the options was, "Stiamo facendo una terza figlia in questo momento"//"We're making a third daughter right now"...


That last one was hilarious!


Right now? Geez, folks, what are you doing on Duolingo at the same time? :-o

I am definitely going to be memorising the refrigerators one, just in case I get asked at any point if I speak any Italian ;D


I was just going about my own business doing the lesson on politics or something like that near the bottom of the tree. The sentences were all pretty boring and straightforward. Then, out of nowhere, "Die Schweiz ist ohne Hoffnung." (Switzerland is without hope) I am half-Swiss. Thanks Duolingo :P


Thanks, dude. I just spit tea all over my keyboard... That is hysterical!


LOVE I am cackling again!


My personal favourite in Spanish is an accurate description of my life:

Si es una araña, yo corro = If it's a spider, I run.


My favourite from English for Polish:
1) Wniosek: nie ma słoni w mojej kuchni - The conclusion is: no elephants in my kitchen;
2) Czy moje buty są elektryczne? - Are my shoes electric?


Oh my word! I missed those before. LOVE.


"We don't know which of us is human."

Which will come in handy when I have to reenact The Thing in Brazil.


I am CACKLING... I love it.


The Dutch course is a motherload in terms of hilarious sentences. And it's been already proven here =D.

So I'll add some sentences from the Dutch and German courses. They may not be profound or esoteric but surely are funny.

  • De maan is boos op de zon (The Moon is mad at the Sun). Removing one 'a' and adding one 'o' would give "The man is mad at the son".

  • Ik verminder de afstand tussen mijn mond en de kaas (I am decreasing the distance between my mouth and the cheese).

  • Hij zit in een relatie met een weegschaal (He is in a relationship with a scale).

  • Geef me jullie handtekeningen of ik ga zingen! (Give me your autographs or I am gonna sing)

  • De vriendschap die ik met de koeien had was heel speciaal (The friendship that I had with the cows was very special).

  • Das Dorf wird brennen! (The village will burn!)

  • Glas ist teuer auf dem Mond (Glass is expensive on the Moon).


hehe, I wonder if whoever came up with that sentence had this in mind: ;-)

'The moon was shining sulkily, Because she thought the sun

Had got no business to be there, After the day was done--

"It's very rude of him," she said, "To come and spoil the fun!"'


The sun replied: Oh let's not fight

It's better if I shine at night

'Cause that's when people need the light!


Not a funny sentence as such, just a really unfortunate (to my anglophone eyes) translation that had me falling about laughing. I'm doing the HU>EN tree in an attempt to get a little experience with Hungarian before the EN>HU tree appears, and I was already pretty throughly entranced that the Hungarian for "you just got that right" is "helyes", but this might be even better.

She is a woman: Ő nő.

It's official, ladies. Duolingo knows we are here and it is scared

I really, really love Hungarian :D


I'm currently finishing the English for Indonesian speakers course. The weirdest sentences I've gotten are:

  • "Yes, they are watching you"/ "Ya, mereka sedang melihat kamu"
  • "The dog does not stop eating" / "Anjing itu tidak berhenti makan"
  • "Because I am a bad man" / "Karena saya pria yang jahat"
  • "The cats drink anything, from milk to beer" / "Kucing-kucing itu minum sesuatu, dari susu ke bir"
  • "They appear at night" / "Mereka muncul pada malam"
  • "We are turtles" / "Kami adalah kura-kura"


I've also once gotten "I like trains".


Haha once I got Ich bin kaputt which Duokingo said meant 'I am dead'



Almost threatening :-o


That is my understanding, which makes some of the choices reeeeeally interesting. I think the people who decide in the sentences have a really strange sense of humour. Not gonna lie, I kinda love it...


Yeah now you mention it :)

Aren't all the sentences manually added so that the team deliberately adds them?


kaputt = busted, beat up, washed out


Yeah that's what it actually means but Duolingo said it means "I am dead"


In Irish my favorite is I run toward them with the cat.


Okay, clearly I have to add Irish to my rotation, because I want to be able to say that...


Yo había muerto (I had died) Yo perdí mi identidad (I lost my identity)

You know, everyday stuff.


As a native Spanish speaker I find those phrases very useful in my daily life :D


Really? It's nice to know that Duo's sentences do have some practical use :D


It's like like living in "The Bourne Identity" movie lol


Yes everyday stuff :)

Yeah totally :)


Lately I've been translating French sentences like: I owe them a chicken. They owe me a chicken! I'm trying to figure out why anyone would owe someone a CHICKEN!


Clearly France reminisces of the barter economy. And to be fair, when i first learnt French I was taught that the word for "money" was l'argent (silver). So it's really quite an evolution that most of my money related sentences on Duo revolves around dollars!

(as an aside, could vegetarians owe each other aubergines instead?)


On Malta there are ancient land lease contracts still in force which require payments of something like "6 chicken every year".


There's some great ones in Portuguese. Like

"ela pensa como uma formiga"-she thinks like an ant,


"eu bebo quando eu quero"- I drink when I want.

I think one I had recently was "a dona do macaco trabalha por o bispo."-"the monkey's owner works for the bishop,"


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA those are reeeeally random...


I have a habit of switching out of English when I'm drinking, so the second one was really fun to keep saying a week or so ago when I went out with some friends.

Here's another- Você não é um tubarão-you are not a shark.


I don't know if I'll ever learn Portugeuse properly (I don't have much passion for the Romance languages), but that is a sentence I will DEFINITELY be memorising. I like it :D


Hvad siger ræven? - What does the fox say? (... :D) Mein Vater ist ein Mann. - My father is a man. (What else could he be? :D) Wo sind meine Millionen? - Where are my millions? (Yeah... I want them now!) Nein, ich bin nicht normal. - No, I am not normal. (Thank you, Duo.)


That last one - I think Duo was talking about itself LMAO :D


Well... Maybe. I would say 'no comment'. :D


Der Bär trägt ihre Kleidung - The bear wears her clothing. Lovely.


From the Portuguese tree "Como você explica o sabor deste café?" "How do you explain the flavour of this coffee?" (Man, what the hell are you putting in there???)

Love this thread so much I disturbed the neighbours by laughing out loud when I was hanging out the washing. Which reminds me, when are they going to give me back the chicken they owe me?


Starting to be slightly concerned about team Dutch:

De honden zijn lekker (the dogs are tasty)

Taking your word on that...

De eenden lezen een boek (the ducks read a book)

Dutch ducks definitely get a higher standard of living.

De uil spreekt geen Nederlands (the owl does not speak Dutch)

I... am not sure if I am supposed to be surprised... Are Dutch owls usually better educated than this?


Seeing as these sentences are all added manually I too would be very concerned about Team Dutch...


This is why I just keep plugging away at the Dutch course - it's so enjoyable, it's too random not to want to learn everything!

I think the course was created around a plate of funny brownies in Amsterdam...

[deactivated user]

    I just got the non-Dutch owl yesterday. xD


    Tú me puedes controlar. - You can control me.

    ¡Tu caballo no es necesario! - Your horse isn't necessary!


    One of my bests is: 'J'échange mon cheval contre ta vache' - I exchange my horse for your cow.


    Sounds like a fair trade to me!


    Two Doctor Who related sentences are:

    I like your second heart. (German)

    The main theme of her work is the Silence. (French)

    More general weird ones:

    Cow is not a number! (Dutch) (Reference to The Prisoner perhaps?)

    That is because you are a mouse. (Dutch)

    The lion eats the children. (Irish)

    The man is in the fridge. (Irish)


    I just got "La serveuse est totalement nue" ("The waitress is entirely naked")... The discussion (with no posts yet) was locked. :D


    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my goodness. That's. Whut. omg.


    Another one:
    "Nudeln schwimmen in der Suppe" - The pasta swims in the soup - Los fideos nadan en la sopa - La pasta nuota nella zuppa.


    That one is rather poetic!


    Swedish has a sentence that translates to It's raining men!


    That would make a very interesting weather report :)


    Oh dear... That brings back a the memory of a you tube video that I'd almost managed to forget... ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNAR-ek63hI


    Hunden äter Katten. (The dog eats the cat) Kvinnor älskar Kvinnor. (Women love women)


    That first sentence is what I truly fear to witness one day.


    I just came across this one .... Ein roter Hund trägt weiße Kleider. ..... A red dog wears white dresses .... Well, with her colouring, she would need to avoid orange :-))


    Hey, I got that one the other day! I really thought I just hadn't understood the sentence correctly till it accepted my translation...


    Me too, I looked at it and thought, "no, I must be wrong but what else can I put in there" then ... amazingly, it was right! .... Thanks Duo, you brightened my day :-)))


    "O bebé precisa de aquecimento" "The baby needs heating" (couple of minutes on gas mark 7 presumably).

    "A confusao comecou na igreja". "The mess started in the church." (Won't have a real donkey for the Nativity next year).

    "Ele desenha pedras". "He draws stones" (well each to their own.)

    Is this the most boring sentence on Duolingo though?? - O documento é uma sintese de relatos" "The document is a synthesis of reports" (yaaawn...)


    Those are wonderful - have a lingot!


    Can "desenha" refer to the sense of draw that means "to pull"? If so, that phrase sounds like it might be describing some form of divination. (probably involving the removal of stones from a bag)


    No, I think it just means that he sits there sketching dark grey stones, light grey ones, medium grey ones, ones that are a bit speckled,,,,,,,


    Are you sure about that? Without more context, a reference about someone drawing stones brings to mind a cloth bag full of rune stones much more readily than a picture of stones...

    On the other hand some people apparently do sit around drawing stones.... ;-) https://www.google.com.au/?gws_rd=ssl#q=draw+stones


    Yes, runes, I know, but all the references I have found apparently refer to drawing (with pencil etc) - desenho técnico (techincal drawing), desenha animado (cartoon drawing), mesa de desenho (drawing table). However I have found that it can also mean "design" as in "graphic design", so perhaps this person sits around designing stones as well ("I'll design a round one now with just a little chip out of it, and now here's one that's kidney-shaped").


    Designer stones, for the aspiring and discerning gravel-path owner. To go with your $99 Monster cables.


    Duolingo is being surreal and slightly threatening:

    the tomato is on the balcony (?)

    I am dead (!)


    I used to have two ducks, so I am used to saying "Ich habe zwei Enten." Totally not weird.


    "Tu manges comme un cochon" - You eat like a pig



    "Eat like a pig" is a common expression in English, meaning "eat rudely."


    In Spanish too, it means the same, I found it funny because of the comments anyway.


    Surely the cheese would be good because it's old. You pay more for it to be aged longer.


    I get the impression whoever programmed that sentence in wasn't thinking about aged as in matured, more old as in mouldy... Either way, it's a rather odd sentence!


    Han dricker inte olja- (She does not drink oil) Thanks, Duolingo. Good to know.

    [deactivated user]

      "Itheann an leon éadaí."

      The lion eats clothes. Oh dear. O.o


      Today I saw a very funny one but I forgot it... :(


      "Die Katze isst den Vogel"... The cat eats the bird

      I don't know if that was real or if I just made it up :P


      Today I had: Il gatto segue il topo ("the cat follows the mouse") - it's a feral feline jungle out there!


      I'm pretty sure I've seen that one a couple of times. I'm kind of hoping Duolingo will have a funny moment and present me with "the bird eats the cat" at some point... ;)


      My personal favorite was one I got a long time ago, I can't even remember the german for it, but it was "The duck drinks the wine from Vienna."


      I think that it is "Das Ente trinkt der Wein aus Wien", but I must have get the genres wrong... And also, I don't know if it is aus or auf.


      the 'aus' is correct. :-D "Die Ente trinkt den Wein aus Wien." (...Danach ist sie besoffen!)


      I encountered sooo many funny sentences but i can't remember them all. This one is the one I wouldn't want to forget: it is in spanish, in english, "What do you have under your shirt?" lol,


      I have a tendency to find humour for even the more mundane sentences in my own initial mental response or by imagining a context.
      eg: "Elle aime porter sa chemise" - "She likes to wear her shirt"
      In this case my first thought was "He prefers it when she doesn't" :-)


      Ich spiele mit beiden Tassen - I play with both cups xDD


      Er hat neun Finger - He has nine fingers... Well ok


      I suppose it would've been more concerning if it said Er hat zwölf finger... ;)


      Bjornen äter bärnen (The bear eats the child)

      OH GOD RUN


      [deactivated user]

        I saw that...either in Spanish or Irish.


        El oso come el niño!

        [deactivated user]

          I once thought it was giving me a sentence about eating a dog, but I was translating it improperly. xD

          All I get is "apple this" and "apple that". Man...I'd sure like to learn about fruits other than "las manzanas"!


          You need to start learning Dutch - we get all the weirdest sentences ;) talking fruit, tasty dogs, you name it ;)

          [deactivated user]

            I keep stopping and starting. Jij/je/yullie is a real tripper. :P


            Aye, I can identify - I am doing Dutch mostly just for pleasure/to break things up, but I do really like it. It does help that I'm not expecting myself to progress quickly, and the humorous sentences don't hurt either ;)

            [deactivated user]

              Él come toneladas de pescado. (He eats tons of fish.)

              Whatever you do, don't invite him to your seafood restaurant!

              [deactivated user]

                (These are in English because they came up doing reverse tree.)

                "He sleeps while I speak." Are you that boring?

                "I speak while I sleep." O rly?

                [deactivated user]

                  "Tá an fear sa chuisneoir."

                  The man is in the fridge. O.o

                  [deactivated user]

                    The WHOLE LENITION LESSON was like that! It was either the peach, the peach and the sweets or the man (or woman) in the fridge.


                    This is what I said to my Irish speaking friend:

                    Be thankful you learned Gaelige [Irish] from an actual múinteoir [teacher]. I just finished lessons on eclipsis and lenition...the second eclipsis lesson featured sample sentences having to do with people in trouble and the lenition was all about peaches, sweets or humans being in the fridge.

                    I can't make this ❤❤❤❤ up, Vonnie. (giggle)


                    how very peculiar!

                    you reminded me of a lesson (well, part of one) about the accusatice case in Esperanto that I just looked at today. I think the point of the thing was that word order is much more flexible when the case shows what is the object and subject, but the example sentence was the apple eats the human... with a picture to match... one scary ass apple there :-o LOL

                    [deactivated user]

                      And Esperanto was meant to be simpler!


                      Oh, it is! But some of the exampes in that course in particular are very weird...

                      I do not have a clue how to post a picture here, but here's hoping that a direct link works.


                      So far I am enjoying Esperanto and certainly progressing more quickly than I would with most natural languages. A week and a half ago I knew hello, thank you, and that estas was the multipurpose equivalent of is/am/are, and the words for man, woman, girl and boy.

                      Now I could write you a brief introduction of myself, where I live, my family, tell you what the weather was like yesterday, use past present future and imperative tenses, use adjectives and adverbs and verbs and the accusative tense... and in theory, at least, I wouldn't make many mistakes. I suspect it will take somewhat longer for any of this to become natural to me, but that isn't bad going for less than a fortnight ;)


                      This came up as one of the other options in a 'select all the correct translations' exercise. I couldn't help but laugh when I read it. :-) La grand-mère mange un petit-fils. (The grandmother is eating a grandson)


                      Bwahahahaha I love it. I've had a couple of those - actually the weirdest ones have been doing reverse trees. I remember one time the correct sentence was "I am a man and she is woman." The alternates it gave me were "I am a man and she is an apple" and "I am an apple and she is a woman"...!


                      Stai dicendo che non ho un cervello? - You are saying that I do not have a brain? - ¿Estás diciendo que no tengo un cerebro? - Du sagst, dass ich habe kein Gehirn?


                      Hahahahah well I can see why that was included, a commonly used phrase for sure... ;D


                      Here are some of the phrases from the Dutch course I've collected on my twitter:

                      "The child has a question about the sale of parents."

                      "I decrease the distance between my mouth and the cheese."

                      "The old man told me about his relationship with a tulip."

                      "This is the woman whose children do not wear any clothes."

                      "In reality I am a turtle."

                      "Does my car have a conscience?"

                      "Have you seen the cows in the airplane?"

                      "His grandfather is a sheep."

                      I love those so much


                      Literally laughing out loud lol :)

                      The ones about the sale of parents and the relationship with the tulip were hilarious!


                      hahahaha "I decrease the distance between my mouth and the cheese." hilarious


                      This is how scientist describes eating process :)


                      "L'insecte est japonais", which translates to "the insect is Japanese"... yeah, I don't understand either. :P


                      This is why I love DuoLingo.


                      I just did a search for Duolingo on Tumblr. Not even for wtfduolingo, or Duolingo is having a weird day - just plain old Duolingo. I laughed so hard I was crying and could barely breathe!


                      Just saw one while learning Danish on the iPad.

                      Anden drikker vin = The duck is drinking wine.


                      Danish also has one about the drunk badger loving candy.


                      LMAO I love it :D

                      Duolingo is reeeeeally find of ducks, isn't it? Love it.


                      Yes Duo has heaps of ducks


                      Wow very irresponsible

                      1. I am a dolphin. 2.You are my horse.


                      The French coarse is weird.


                      Ja, danke Deutschland! - Yes, thanks Germany!


                      Es fehlen keine Eier - It doesn't lack any egg


                      Anche i francesi bevono caffè - Also the French drink coffee... Oh! Thanks for telling me that


                      "If it is a spider, I run." - the most true sentence I have gotten on Duolingo haha. found in my Spanish lessons

                      [deactivated user]

                        "Tengo siete patos."

                        Care to explain WHY you have seven ducks? (giggle)


                        Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone.

                        [deactivated user]

                          Better add thirteen cats to that...


                          crazy cat AND duck lady? I guess at least it's original ;)

                          [deactivated user]

                            I'm on numbers, so it's giving me things like, "I have seven ducks". "I have thirteen cats."

                            I have one weird Duolingo!


                            It is stuff like that that makes me love DL ;D


                            "La camisa es blanca o gris." ( The shirt is white or gray. ) So what color is it?


                            I pictured a sort of pale, pale gray that you would be tempted to call white. =D


                            To add to the little fruit based melodrama on the Dutch course; recently I got Ik ben een banaan. I really don't know why the Dutch course is so insistent on me learning these things. Is team Dutch okay??

                            In other news: the RU>EN tree decided to teach me some real survival Russian - well, it was actually trying to teach me survival English, since it believes I speak fluent Russian. In any case, the sentences that have come up recently include "the turtles eat rice" and "the turtle drinks milk"... :-D ooookay!


                            It always seems super creepy to me when they have animals who are not even mammals drinking milk. =D


                            Another one!!!

                            "Sie akzeptiert die kostenlose Schokolade" - She accepts the free chocolate - Ella acepta el chocolate gratis - Lei accetta il cioccolato gratuito.


                            Well duh! It's free chocolate! who wouldn't accept that??? ;-)

                            [deactivated user]

                              "El oso no cabe por la puerta." (The bear doesn't fit through the door.)

                              Why are we allowing bears into our house?!


                              I just cackled. That's excellent :D

                              [deactivated user]

                                Sorry, ik heb uw broek. (Sorry, I have your pants.)

                                Yeah, I don't want to know what you two were doing last night! (Especially if the speaker was referring to "you" in the formal!)


                                8-o I only just saw that one. Classic. Dutch <3


                                The legendary Dutch conversation:

                                -Goedendag, sap. (Good day, juice)

                                -Pardon, ik ben een appel. (Excuse me, I'm an apple)


                                BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that reminds me of one I'd forgotten from earlier today in German:

                                Hallo, Biene. (Hallo, Bee.)

                                Ahhh, Duolingo is so weird and I love it.


                                Literally laughing out loud!

                                Very very very typical Dutch conversation :)


                                Actually, it is a possible conversation, atleast with capital letters. :p

                                -Goedendag, Sap. (Family name)

                                -Pardon, ik ben een Appel. (A member of the Appel family)


                                Excellent ones!


                                I got the perfect addition to this surreal conversation today:

                                Ik ben een banaan.

                                Duolingo Dutch is going to be super helpful in the Netherlands LMAO


                                De sinaasappel spreekt. (The orange speaks)

                                I'm seeing a really cute cartoon about talking fruit taking shape here.


                                Woah thats like, old Duolingo...


                                Those were the days.


                                Er de lovlige? -- Are they legal? (Danish)


                                To be fair, that is a frequently used phrase ;)


                                In French:

                                "Je vais vous apporter un canard" = "I am going to bring you a duck" Um...thanks?

                                In Portuguese:

                                "Um formigo lê um livro" = "An ant reads a book"

                                I believe it was a bee that wrote it.


                                Não, eu penso que uma borboleta escreve o livro. Eu não lembro.

                                No, I think that a butterfly writes the book. I don't remember.

                                (Please correct my Portuguese if needed! I'm still pretty new at this)


                                "Uma formiga lê um livro" is better. "Formiga" is a feminine word.


                                Thank you for catching that when I didn't-have a lingot!


                                French Duolingo also informs us that "Le singe est près de la porte" ("The monkey is close to the door").


                                Well, ducks are cute and they also taste good...


                                Bwahahahaha some of those are beyond awesome :D


                                had to think of this post when I did my French Duolingo lessons earlier. I ran into "Un homme vend son serpent." --- A man sells his snake :D


                                LOL Is that the snake he found in his shoe in the Spanish lesson??


                                Who is the deleted user? I just see it everywhere


                                I haven't a clue - I remember replying to this person and reading their posts, but by the time I saw the deleted user thing I couldn't remember who they were. I guess they decided they weren't that into languages...?


                                Maybe he spammed or something like that and the mods deleted his user? (I generalize into "he")


                                possibly! it's a mystery...

                                [deactivated user]

                                  Not me...I've been spectating. :D

                                  (Besides, I'd like to think that if Floot was concerned, she'd check on me.)

                                  (Or answer my FB friend request. :P )


                                  So in the list of friend requests of "people I really should figure out if/how I know them", I finally went, hey, hang on, this person speaks Spanish... then I clicked on "more stories" (because at that point all I could see on the wall was "X has changed her profile picture" or some such) and then it said "has started learning Irish"... and I remembered you talking about the insane leniton lesson! So hopefully I found you! 8-o :D

                                  [deactivated user]

                                    "Sarah accepted your friend request." YAY!


                                    eep! to my shame, I didn't even know you had tried to add me :-o sorry, facebook is CRAP on my iPad, and so I miss stuff all the time. I will have to go look!

                                    attempting to use it on the browser is like pulling teeth and the app misses things - like, it'll tell you you have a message, but it requires you to download a different app to read the message, which I highly resent and also plain old don't have the memory on the iPad to do <_< also there are certain kinds of group posts etc that it won't actually load up on the iPad - and like I say, using it through the mobile browser is a nightmare.

                                    (it was a gift so I am not complaining, I have used it so much, but boy do I wish I had more memory space on here...)

                                    I will have a look... wish me luck!


                                    Il coltello è nello stivale - The knife is in the boot...

                                    And there is also a snake in my boot?


                                    Du bist einer Maus ähnlich - You look like a mouse xDD


                                    grammatical correct, but normally we would say: Du siehst aus wie eine Maus.


                                    Your sentence sounds easier to me, but you have to tell that to the course contributors-makers. ;)


                                    One time when I was doing a French lesson one of the sentences was "Il cache un enfant" or He hides a child xD I found that kind of funny! Another sentence I got (can't remember what language though) was "The duck is dead" :P

                                    [deactivated user]

                                      Duo: Siúlann sé ar uisce. Me: Goodness! I didn't know Jesus spoke Irish!

                                      (I'll let all of you figure out what that means. No fair helping, fellow Gaelige students!)

                                      [deactivated user]

                                        It was "he walks on water". O.o


                                        I just can't stop getting weird sentences:

                                        "Ich mag das zweite Herz" - I like the second heart - Me gusta el segundo corazón - Mi piace il secondo cuore

                                        [deactivated user]

                                          "El mono usa zapatos." (The monkey uses shoes.)

                                          Hmm...protect your shoes, ladies!

                                          [deactivated user]

                                            Pasta is geen fruit. (Pasta isn't fruit.)




                                            Well, it is true...

                                            The downside of Dutch and English being so close: I initially read it as "Pasta is green fruit" which... well...

                                            Confusion city learning Turkish, where pasta means cake 8-o

                                            [deactivated user]

                                              Pardon, ik ben een appel. (Excuse me, I'm an apple.)

                                              Uh huh...

                                              [deactivated user]

                                                Ólann Pól fíon roimh an gcat. (Paul drinks wine before the cat.)

                                                If the cat has a drinking problem, you really ought to take to the vet...


                                                Speaking of Turkish, I added what I thought were relatively strange sentences from the Turkish course a while back to another thread (and relatively speaking they were a bit odd in that discussion), but after reviewing them just now, they really don't seem so odd. Perhaps the only one that would really stand out in this crowd is

                                                Everyone wants a pink island.

                                                After reading all of these, it doesn't seem so weird now, does it?

                                                [deactivated user]

                                                  "Hallo schoenen." (Hi, shoes!)

                                                  I think I love Team Dutch. <3


                                                  Only think?? Heheheheheh. The Dutch course is my favourite, even though I'm almost totally sure I'll never find a particular use for it <3

                                                  [deactivated user]

                                                    Maybe someone on TD is a "Sex and the City" fan...it seems like Carrie says "hello, shoes!" at least once in the series. :D

                                                    [deactivated user]

                                                      Zijn wij langzaam? Nee, wij zijn geen langzame koeien. (Are we slow? No, we are not slow cows.)

                                                      Go home, Dutch. You're drunk!

                                                      [deactivated user]

                                                        Saw that one on Buzzfeed's story on this very thing!


                                                        Portuguese: "I am green, so what?"


                                                        For some reason all this brings to mind is Kermit... "It's not easy, being green..."


                                                        In Norwegian: There is a hand coming up out of the toilet!


                                                        8-o that's disturbing!


                                                        Der Rock ist aus Wien - The skirt is from Vienna


                                                        Ein wiener Rock = a kilt, no?


                                                        Just found this one in the French course: Je peux prendre ta montre ? - Can I take your watch? The thought of someone actually asking that question kind of boggles the mind, so this gave me pause but then my imagination produced a sign at the entrance to a venue:
                                                        "You are entering a time-free zone, please check all timepieces at the door" ;-)

                                                        [deactivated user]

                                                          I've developed a lovely habit of coming up with names via translating various words into other languages. Here are two I've discovered in the last few days:

                                                          "Duh" means "spirit" in Bosnian. ~"Nopeus" means "speed" in Finnish. ~"Fart" also means "speed" in some languages, such as Norwegian.

                                                          And for a random bit of randomness? Mayim Bialik's first name is Hebrew for water. ^_^

                                                          "Yupeus"...this is fun. xD


                                                          If I remember accurately (which in fairness I may not, so any Hebrew speakers feel free to correct/elaborate), Mayim מים is actually a plural, or to be more specific a dual form. Not used in Modern Hebrew, but it survives in some words, and water is one of them.

                                                          дух is the same in Russian, too :)


                                                          Ella sacó un cuchillo. - She took out a knife Not very funny, but not something you would say every day, I think


                                                          In norwegian I got the sentence,

                                                          Why is the plumber jumping on the turtle


                                                          https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28070071 "My grandfather takes milk from Julia"

                                                          Well, I hope Julia is the name of the cow...

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