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"Les animaux sont nombreux au zoo."

Translation:Animals are numerous at the zoo.

August 2, 2013



How about "The animals are plentiful at the zoo"?


It seems like more "romantic" translations aren't acceptable, only strict or literal. Is that a best practice issue?


Yeah, I don't think I would ever say that sentence in English... When I translated it as "There are many animals at the zoo", it was marked wrong...


It is accepted now (March 2019)


I got it right, but it sounds unnatural. The animals are abundant, plentiful, profuse, diverse maybe, but not numerous. You can say there are numerous animals at the zoo, which implies species of animals.


Why not 'Animals at the zoo are numerous' it sounds slightly better to me.


I actually did that and got marked wrong. I'm reporting it. That should work, honestly.


That's what I said - marked wrong! I can see no difference, and am a native English speaker


Ditto. Not accepted 3/12/19 (that's December to my American friends ;)) If we date our comments regarding reporting, it might help advise us whether to report again or not? No point everyone complaining in the same week, but if we do it months apart, they may pay more attention? Just a thought.


Come on guys this is not english! U can do better than that


Sounded like "Les animaux sont nombreux aux eaux" to me. I was imagining aquatic life. Is the pronunciation the same or recognisably different? Does my translation make sense?


That's funny. But yes, au zoo is pronounced like aux eaux. French has a LOT of homophones, probably even more than English.

Also, they use a lot of Xes. I bet X tile isn't worth many points in French Scrabble. lol


I think the intended meaning is: The animals at the zoo are many.

We also say something like: "The animals at this zoo are many and varied"

Can somebody please report that? I have finished this course, but it just occurred to me what the translation should be.


J'ai été completement confus avec les deux derniers mots.


The animals in the zoo are numerous marked wrong. Reported

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