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  5. "It opens on Monday."

"It opens on Monday."

Translation:Den åbner på mandag.

January 24, 2015



aaargh I am getting confused, why (grammaticaly) is it på mandag and not i or om mandag? Thx a bunch!


Best reason I can think of is because it is. Like in English we would say "on Monday" but "in a couple of days", it's just the preposition that goes with specific days of the week. i is only really used for months or unspecific times of the day (i dag, i aften, i april). Also it could be because "i mandags(/tirsdags/onsdags osv.)" means "last Monday(/Tuesday/Wednesday etc.)"


Is there any reason why "Den åbner for mandag" would be incorrect as a translation?


I am not a native speaker, but as I understand things... if the gender of the subject has not been clearly defined beforehand, you always use Det rather than Den. Hope that helps you out.


So... we use PÅ MONDAG here because we are talking about a specific Monday (the implication being the upcoming Monday). I MONDAG would imply the Monday after next? Is that correct?


"i mandag" does not exist as far as I know. There are three possibilities:

i mandags = last Monday

på mandag = on Monday (specific)

om mandagen = on Mondays (in general)

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