SM's "Day & Night" Language learning Plan. (Whaa?)

Hello Duolinguists of all nations!

Recently Iv'e been trying out a plan, and I "plan" to follow this plan because it sounds like it could actually work!
Have you ever wondered if you could learn two languages at once? Have you ever wondered how it would work? Are you afraid that you will mix up the languages if you study them two at a time? - The questions are endless, and it would be worthless to write all of them here, so I'll answer the one's above!
1) Yes, of course you can! (If you are talented in LL that is a bonus!)
2)Well, mixing them up depends on what languages you study! (I study German and Italian, which one is Germanic and the other Romance, Not GG, or RR... )

To get to the plan Already!!!! :)
A) I like to call this "Day & Night" plan... (no you don't study all day and night..), this plan goes as follows for me. If you wish, you can modify it and use it as it fits your language learning preferences!

1) In the morning I study Italian, I reach my goal, and do 50-100 XP (REAL) in Immersion by proofreading sentences, and translating articles.
3) At night, I practice German. Iv'e just started, so I'm pretty much a newbie at German, with knowledge only in words like "Frau" or "Mann"... But I will learn more as time goes on!
I know that the time distance between the two actually creates two separate thinking spaces in my brain, so that in the morning it is used to practicing Italian and hearing Italian, and in the Evening German!

I'm eager to know what you guys think!! Let me know in the Comment Section!

January 24, 2015


Sounds like a good idea. I find it hard to switch between German and Dutch quickly. I don't make mistakes I just can't talk or think as well. So that big gap of time working in your native language is probably good! Whatever works for you. ^.^

I always just study at night when I get ready, anywhere from 18-21 to 23-1... Lots of websites say it is best to review before you sleep, anyway. :D

Plus everyone is asleep then and I have no life so nothing better to do.

January 24, 2015

Yes, that is an excellent idea. When one of them is firmer than the other, you can also ladder them, learning one from the other to help differentiate them and practice both at the same time.

January 24, 2015

Sounds like a good idea, but I have school, and I am most definitely not a morning person, despite the fact that I am posting this at 6:50 in the morning on a Saturday.

January 24, 2015

Eu studiez pe Duolingo engleza pentru nativii români (mai am o singură lecție și am terminat tot arborele... Uraaa!). Și eu am aceeasi dilemă: dacă învăț engleza și franceza în același timp nu cumva mi se amestecă totul în cap și iese o varză de „Franglia”? Mai cu seamă că, pe Duolingo, nu pot învăța franceză decât în combinația engleză-franceză, iar eu nu stăpânesc așa de bine engleza... Dar totuși, mă tentează ideea de a încerca asta, așa că, sfatul tău este exact încurajarea de care aveam nevoie. Interesantă ideea cu localizarea temporală strictă a fiecăreia dintre limbile studiate (dimineța versus seara) lucru care ar duce la diferențierea clară și în creier a celor două. Cu siguranță, mă voi apuca și de franceză! În altă ordine de idei, Sebastian, să știi că îți invidiez sincer engleza cursivă, limpede și corectă și, nu în ultimul rând, simțul umorului! Bravo!

January 24, 2015

Mulțumesc mult! Dacă este ceva vreodată... dacă nu înțelegi chestii în engleză etc. voi fi aici! :)

January 24, 2015

That's a nice plan ;) I don't have problems studying Danish and then Swedish at once, mainly because they are my 6th and 7th languages, but when I add more languages, I will rethink about it ^^

January 24, 2015

Nice idea man! :D Best of luck sticking to it!

I can never do any kind of plan though, because my schedule is so irregular. One day I might wake at 11 and go to sleep at 4am, next day I'll wake at 8, go to uni then sleep as soon as I get back, I might be going out or round to friends' places; it's just not possible really

January 24, 2015

[deactivated user]

    I think it's a good idea. I have used that plan for Japanese & German. Japanese sometimes goes into my German time because of Kanji flashcards.

    January 24, 2015

    Nice plan! :D

    January 24, 2015
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