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Redesign of the Immersion Tab

We're starting to test a new design of the Immersion tab. Currently only half of you will be able to see it, but if the test goes well we'll give it to everybody soon.

For those of you who don't have it yet, you can see a screenshot here: http://imgur.com/D3Jfzo1

Our goal was to help you find the articles that you want to work on the most. We've added controls that let you see only documents that still need translations, or ones that have been fully translated in case you just want to read them side-by-side. You can also filter by article category. What's cool is that we remember your settings from this page throughout Duolingo, so any time we recommend a translation (such as at the end of some lessons), the system will try to find articles that meet your preferences.

We'd love to hear what you think! In the meantime, we'll continue working on this page and every other aspect of Duolingo :)

August 2, 2013



I'm not sure what order the entries now appear in. It used to be possible to ask for the "new" ones, which was useful.


I think it looks awesome. Great work.:) Time to upload some more deutsch articles.


Where do you find your German articles?


I just upload Wikipedia articles that I think are interesting. Nothing special lol.


Thanks for providing the link...I don't have the new version yet. BUT!!! I want it NOW...ha ha ha. It looks fantastic. I love DL!!! :)


I miss being able to select newly uploaded articles.


Ich habe es nicht D:


Very nice. Thank you.


Seems pretty cool! I'll have to mess around with it some more to get the hang of it, though.


The only thing I'm not seeing, since I'm not one of the chosen, but looks like its not there, the pie chart and instead it looks like there is a percentage done bar. Is that a modified pie chart, where the end will be white to indicate needs translation and in the middle grey for needs checking and black at the beginning for done? Also I'm not seeing the sentence is done over total sentences ratio? I like that because as a "beginner" it serves as an indicator for me as to whether the article is high vocabulary or low. So some indicator of the articles length would be nice.

Preferably would be some sort of High/Medium/Low vocab marker, because a articles length does not really indicate its level of vocabulary. Seems simple enough, are there a lot or a little of rarely or often used words!


Are you rolling out these features as alpha-beta testing or why is it that you don't just switch all people? Or why not just give them a choice?

Often i'd really like to try the new things and would even provide explicit feedback (if asked for) whether i like it more than the old version and why. Maybe that would actually give you different aspects data than just "how often does the user interact with it?"...


The test is likely less of the alpha-beta logic (a product that has bugs or needs tweeks), and more a test of the "will this be appealing to our users and will they actually benefit from it in their learning" type.

As for your wish of taking part, I think that for one it is easier for duolingo to just set half the users to a new version of the site than wait for everyone to opt-in or opt-out, or play around and change their minds about wanting to test. And then, perhaps more importantly, this way they can get a more significant feedback, with all types of users involved and not only the ones who are very enthusiastic about the whole adventure. And by feedback I mean "average frequency of actual use of feature such and such among casual/frequent/new/etc. users", more than actual comments which are a lot longer to process. (Also i suspect the DL team to like number crunching perhaps a bit more than the next sane person would :-) )


i agree, but you can easily combine both: set half of the users' default to the new version and then get even more data: how many went back to the old version, how many went to the new version and remained there... considering the amount of extra work: toggle a bit in a database...

only problem i can see: if you give people choice they'll complain if you take it away again :). And: every thing you change breaks someone's workflow: http://xkcd.com/1172/ ;)


This is great!!! I especially like the idea of Duolingo knowing our article preferences. Right now, it keeps sending me motorcycle pieces, which happen to be of no interest to me.


I get that too on my other account. I'm like "give me something I actually know something about" rather than moto sports.


No lo tengo, pero me gusta mucho :)


The new layout looks nice and clean. It would be great if there was a search function for a keyword within a category so we could find the articles we really want to translate.

I find the order of the articles confusing and somewhat frustrating. Why are older articles listed before newer ones? Even with just the "needs to be translated" box checked, older articles often appear above newer ones. This is more pronounced within categories other than "all".

Also, in "my edits", even with all three boxes checked, only 10 of my articles are shown. I would like to be able to access all of them as I could previously.

All that said, thanks again for a great program and your commitment to improving it for the users!


This is actually really helpful. Thank you!


if (Translated and checked) is checked ... is there any further effect whether the two others are checked or not ?


Looks great, and it is now very clear how an article becomes "good" (100% translated and checked). I agree it's good to be able to see new articles -but probably the most recent ones appear first? Also, if one person rates a translated sentence as "looks wrong", does that prevent the article from being 100% translated? That would mean only one person holds back the entire translation. Maybe it would be better to use a ratio -e.g. 2 or 3 "looks good" ratings cancel out a "looks wrong" rating.


Although I have seen entirely incorrect sentences voted as 'looks good' by a majority of users, so is it such a bad thing if one user holds it up? The trick is to get them to come back and review it.


There is a literal translation and the way you would actually read a article. I see a huge number of literal translations and that is no what this outfit wants us to do.


Yes, that is the tricky part. However I think there must be a ratio, as the article in question is now 100% translated. I also agree that literal translations are usually not best.


I like it very much!


The new immersion tab looks great. It is so much easier now to find a nice article, and in the right level, to work with. A bit of topic, a couple of things need to be fixed in the contents of the articles. As it is now, figure captions, headlines, lists and tables etc, are not separated properly in the text, and it makes translation very hard without checking the original link. As an example, in the article "Altitude" ( http://www.duolingo.com/translation/454f2e7d364815e5639c00b1819386da ) there is a section headline mixed with a figure caption.

  • It appears as: "Les différences d'altitude déterminent un relief Un plateau."
  • "Les différences d'altitude déterminent un relief" is a headline
  • "Un plateau" is the beginning of a figure caption.

Things are even worst in the article about "Dessin animé".


very cool but i would like to choice the order of appearance any ways great job


When do the rest of us get the new version of the immersion tab?

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