"Frågar du?"

Translation:Are you asking?

January 24, 2015

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Why not "You ask?" ?


What does this question mean? Like when would you use this sentance?


This is like saying "is that a question?" when someone is talking about something without making a clear point or asking a direct question. As a clause inside a larger sentence, you could use it in a number of ways, such as "are you asking me to do _" or "are you asking me out", etc.


Would anyone ever say "Är det en fråga?"


Yes, I'd say that. Possibly I'd be more likely to say Menar du det som en fråga? 'do you mean it as a question' in real life, but there's nothing wrong with Är det en fråga? either.


I don't think it would be used in this context, but Är det en fråga om...means "is it a question of..." (facts, morals, the law, etc.).


Is it ok to say " fragar ni" ?


"Do you question"?

As in "do you question the will of the mighty Duo?!"


That would be ifrågasätter.
Ifrågasätter du den mäktige Duos vilja? (not quite sure vilja is the best translation of will here though)


Woud that also be "Do you ask?"


is "du frågar mig?" correct?


In the sense, do people sometimes say that in Swedish, yes.
In the sense, is it an accepted translation on the other side of this sentence, no, because that would be You're asking me? in English.


Just to have it correct in my head. I put do u have questions, but this would be 'har du frågar'?


Almost, it would be Har du frågor?
fråga as a noun is an en word: en fråga, frågan and plural frågor, frågorna
but fråga is also a verb: fråga, frågade, frågat.


Duolingo. Make. Up. Your. Mind. Is it a typo or a failed answer? I got one typo on a test and it counted it as a wrong answer but on a previous I got a typo and it gave me credit regardless.

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