"Ho deciso."

Translation:I have decided.

August 2, 2013

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The recording is not clear


Yes. Not clear at all.


They marked it as a typo but after listening 5 times I couldnt tell what she was saying , sounded like decisa


YES. The recording is very poor.


THIS is the kind of sentence that the unit SHOULD have begun with; Part 1, not Part 8!!

Reinforce the simple phrasing and we can learn the patterns. Ho deciso. Ho mangiato. Ho finito.

Then move on to "tu", and "รจ", and "loro", etc.

THEN go on to complex sentences, and idioms like "suonato alla porta".


Couldnt agree more with you...if you ever create or produce MABBY'S DOULINGO il invest all my money there


Ora io parlo italiano bene .


I put "I made up my mind" and it wasn't accepted, but around here it's an expression that is very commonly used as a synonym for "I have decided".

I must admit I do like to vary my answers a bit from what I think Duolingo is expecting, just to see how flexible it is getting over time. In this case, not very.


i have written the exact answer so many times but duolingo is saying wrong even when i write exactly what they have answered....this happened a number of times now and is getting rather boring..obviously a gliche


If you're certain your answer is correct, But it wasn't accepted, There should be a report button you can click, To then report it as "My answer should be accepted".


Is it the same as 'i decided'?


Yes, As far as I know the Passato Prossimo in Italian can be translated into English as either the Simple Past or Present Perfect, Depending on context.


Abbiamo deciso... Che non siete orchi.

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