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Skills not strengthening

So I was polishing my beloved Irish tree so that I would not have to go through the tough process when I actually finish the tree. I noticed that even though I try to strenghten my skills, they will not always be strengthened, budge the strength-o-meter, kick up a notch, etc... The strength level stays the same, seemingly in a random fashion.

Does this happen to anyone else?

January 24, 2015



Strengthening simply strengthens weak words. The skill strength is calculated as the mean word strength of all the words introduced by that skill. So while it may seem that you are not strengthening the skill, you will be, just not sufficiently to take the skill over the Gold threshold.

If you strengthen individual skills, there will be a better chance of seeing the improvement.


Aye, I was trying to strengthen a single skill with about ten lessons (Verbs: past 1). I found it annoying that, after a bunch of times, the skill never got blinged; It just stayed on the fourth notch. I had to redo the last lesson before it gilded.


Did you use the timed version of the Strengthen skills ? You may not have gone through 20 questions yet. Sometimes I can do one question and that is all that is needed. Other times the amount of time since I have done a lesson is long enough that I feel safer doing the untimed version to be sure that the strength goes up. If not, I keep doing the timed version over until enough questions have been answered to satisfy the logarithm. Some Skill sets have more lessons than others, even 10 lessons, and those take longer to satisfy. 20 questions isn't enough for those. I find it safer to review some of the lessons directly through the redo buttons on the lessons I know that I had trouble with. If you bring it back to gold but you missed a lot of questions, the gold will fade faster. It is not random, there is a method to their madness. If you only practice once a week, good luck! Your gold will fade during your off days. The strength of each word in each lesson is at risk. Someone suggested that they do the highest lessons first and sometimes that strengthens some of the lower lessons along with the higher ones depending on words from the lower lessons also being used in the higher lessons. http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Skill


I didn't use timing. Just cruising through the regular strengthening version.


The exact same thing is happening to me. I've been trying to strengthen a few individual skills but none of them are budging. I admit I got a couple of things wrong each time but the things I got wrong weren't associated with the skill in question but with silly spelling mistakes, not noticing plurals and the wrong possessive. Does anyone know how sophisticated Duolingo is? Do mistakes not related to the skill in question go against the strengthening of that skill? For example, while strengthening Family, if I make a mistake with a possessive adjective, would that then be flagged up as not knowing the skill "Family" or "Possessives"?


I noticed this in both my German and Danish trees. So as an experiment, I did 500 points of strengthening on my Danish tree, and none of the four skills that needed strengthening had gotten any better. There is definitely something wrong.

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