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  5. "Drengen har mest legetøj."

"Drengen har mest legetøj."

Translation:The boy has the most toys.

January 24, 2015



I don't understand why this is mest rather than flest. Is it to do with legetøj being the same for singular and plural in Danish - ie are they treated as an uncountable mass?


It is explained in the tips and notes: mest is used for amounts, flest for counting. Which confuses me a bit, because I think toys can be counted. But maybe in this context the exact number of toys is not known.


legetøj is an uncountable noun in Danish i do not know why but it behaves like water or sand. (No en/et legetøj and no plural)

You can make it countable by adding "stykker" (pieces)

Hun har flest stykker legetøj


"toy(s)" is uncountable also in German.

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