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Can't get lessons to start at all. (also, problems posting this).

This may be related to how a lot of people seem to be having duolingo stall after one question, but in my case when I click on a lesson, whether it's a strengthen or a new lesson, it does nothing. I tried opening a lesson in a new window and what I got was a blank page.

I do not have anything that would alter duolingo. (edit: This means no user scripts).

Edit: While trying to post this I got many error messages and my browser kept stalling. "Warning: Unresponsive script."

Edit 2: timed practice works, but the normal practice and the lessons still don't.

January 24, 2015



Try disabling any user scripts you are using and see how it goes.


I said that I don't have any. I have edited the original post to make it clearer.

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