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Transitioning from Spanish to German

In grade school I had a year of basic German and loved it and would like to take a shot at it on Duolingo. Now I'm almost done with Spanish tree (I had to take Spanish in high school and wanted to further my knowledge here). My problem is that when I try to work on German my brain seems stuck in spanish. I regularly type "es" or "esta" (Spanish forms "is") instead of "ist" (German form). Any suggestions from the community on how you guys switch back and forth?

August 2, 2013



That's a common problem, I think. Some 10 years ago, I studied in Sweden (and started learning the local language, of course). There were a lot of French exchange students around, but even though I had had a pretty good command of French earlier I found it extremely difficult to communicate with them. Quite similar to your experience, I kept building sentences with French grammar and Swedish words and the like... Meanwhile, switching has become a lot easier. I believe that once you're becoming truly fluent in one language, it stops confusing you when learning another one.


Yes, that is a common problem, I want to speak English and I end up talking German. Still, "es" or "esta" are different from "ist", to me is more complicated because "is" is almost equal to "ist".

Si, eso es un problema común, yo quiero hablar Ingles y termino hablando Alemán. Aun así, "es" o "esta" son diferentes de "ist", para mi es más complicado dado que "is" es casi igual a "ist".

You have to practice more.


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