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  5. "घोड़ा सेब खाता है।"

"घोड़ा सेब खाता है।"

अनुवाद:The horse eats the apple.

January 24, 2015

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the is used for any perticular thing .. as , if we are talking about any perticular horse ,then we should use 'The horse' but here we are talking about all horses so no need to put 'The' before horse


The horse eat the apple


For most verbs, we add s when using with he/she/it or a singular noun He/She/It/Ram/The horse eats/drinks/runs

For I/you/we/they or plural nouns, we do not add s I/you/we/they/Ram and Rahim eat/drink/run


an apple hona chahiye tha na to galat kyu hai....ya fir mai kyu galat hu

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