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Bye bye Beta!

After approximately two months of being in Beta, the Swedish course has graduated to become a proper member of the Duolingo family.

We are incredibly happy and proud to have reached this point and I would particularly like to thank our present contributors; Anders91, Blehg, Lundgren8 & Zmrzlina who have done a great job and been very active in the forums. And also a warm thank you to our previous contributors; Cpwetterqv, Gealach24 & Sholeh

I would also like to thank all of you who have taken the course and sent invaluable reports to us. We would not have gotten this far, this quick, without you.

But most importantly I would like to thank my co-moderator Arnauti who has been an excellent companion on this journey. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to continue working with you on improving this tree and building new ones. Hopefully, we’ll soon get to start working on the reverse tree!

Last but not least, as many of already have noticed, the Swedish special letters å, ä & ö have finally arrived! Not a minute too early… This means that the Swedish tree will become a lot less lenient since å, ä & ö aren’t just modifications of A & O, they are individual letters. If you write “Lara” instead of “Lära” This will be regarded just as wrong as if you had written “Ltra”. In this case you would of course get a typo warning.

Don’t think that we will stop working on the course just because it is out of Beta! Our mission and dedication remains the same!


January 24, 2015



Grattis to Team Swedish, from a very proud and thankful blue bunny

Congratulations/Grattis Team Swedish! I cannot properly express how proud I am of you. You've put your hearts and souls into this course through thick and thin and I'm just so impressed. This became more than just a course with anonymous people building it to me when a struggling family member received a beautiful post card from Sweden, offering them hope and encouragement. It meant the world to us. And even beyond that, this course means so much to me personally. Thank you so much for the course, for everything. :'D


That's crazy! You guys might not have made it out of beta first but that's so fast! Well done! Looking forward to getting through this tree :D Also, very happy that the course will be less lenient on å ä ö. I hope they pass that along to other languages in the future.


Wonderful! Any sign of translation getting started in immersion soon?


Yes, I am so looking forward to try the immersion feature!

Any chance to know when it will come?


Congrats, that was quick!! :D You've set a new record, splendid work!


Grattis team Swedish!!! And tack så mycket for all your hard arbete!!! :D


One doesn't have to know all of the words before beginning communication. Such a great example! :D


Just invented a name for your language: Swedeglish.


Swenglish is actually the traditional term :)


I wonder if they say Svengelska in Sweden?


We do, svengelska or Swenglish.


Yes! I've been waiting for this - thanks, Swedish team!


Hooray! I came onboard later in the game, but I am glad I got to join you right before this graduation. Jag är jättestolt! Grattis och tack så mycket för allt ni har gjort och fortsätter att göra. =]


This was a triumph; I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. :)


Duolingo beta: we do what we must, because we can.


for the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead......?


For the people who are STILL IN BETA!


Ha ha ha! Glad you got the reference. I always think of Portal when I hear things are out of beta now. :)


Eek! That's not GlaDOS' voice in the listening exercises. :) How does one say "The cake is a lie" in Swedish anyway? :)


Tårtan är en lögn! :D


That picture of the rabbit and owl is adorable! cry face meme.


thanks for all the hard work. can't wait till Finish, lol


Congratulations! You guys have been so very helpful throughout the whole course, and it's been a pleasure to learn Swedish. Keep it up!


Hopefully, we’ll soon get to start working on the reverse tree!

I wondered if this would be on the cards. Out of curiousity why did you do the from-English course first?

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To be honest, I don't know. I guess that they figured that there would be a greater demand for a Swedish course for English speakers than an English course for Swedish speakers, but we have never asked why.


Just a guess - there are 9 million Swedes and generally, they are very good at speaking English. In fact, they have been ranked the best country in the world for learning English as a foreign language: http://www.thelocal.se/20131107/swedes-ranked-again-best-world-english. So I would think there are more folks around the world that want to learn Swedish than the other way around.


Yes I am aware of that. I was wondering because typically Duolingo seems to do the X→English course rather than vice versa. The reason usually being given that there are already many X→English courses that can be modified to build the tree so it's the supposedly easier direction to start with. I was actually half expecting not to see a Swedish→English course.


The point is that that wouldn't be as useful or as popular as a course to learn Swedish, and in fact it would be just another course teaching English, as opposed to a new one teaching a new language. If duolingo had adopted that approach there would likely only be one new language tree (Dutch).

As for the reverse course, it'll still be useful, for young swedes who haven't yet mastered the language.


Congratulations! Your work is greatly appreciated. It is amazing for you to be able to think to yourself that you have helped thousands of people learn the best language in the world. Great work! :)


Grattis and thank you!


Thank you so much for your efforts to improve the course, you made a great work! :)


Well done for leaving beta so quickly. I am not completely surprised as you really impressed me with how quickly you responded to reports.

I loved the course, and am still enjoying working on the tree to get it nice and shiny. Thankyou for making it and for working so hard to get it right.


For some reason even though I have strengthened my skills on time and family, they will not go gold. This is through the app on windows phone, android and on pc. Not sure if I'm reporting this in the right place lol. Congratulations on all you have achieved, I'm very greatful for the course :-)


Sometimes, you have to do it more than once, especially if there are a lot of words in that skill. I'm not sure if it is a bug or not.


I've done it loads of times but neither of them will turn gold. I have found when you do a strengthen skill and complete it, the front description and symbol turn gold but not with these 2 for some reason.


Did you try re-learning it? (Instead of just strengthening it) I had the same problem and it worked for me!


Nice to hear that it has graduated from beta, but I think you still have some work left, at least with these ones (and maybe with others too, I didn't go trough all of them): https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sv/Verbs:-Conditional https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sv/Active-Participles https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sv/Passive-Participles https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sv/Directions

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Yes of course! We are aware of that and we will continue working on everything. We actually never really got a choice whether we wanted to exit the Beta phase or not. If we had, then maybe it would have taken longer since we know that there still are some issues. But then again I guess we'll never feel 100% ready. There will always be areas to improve.

Our main issue remains the TTS and we are probably going to try out a new one quite soon.


It seems to be really hard for the course developers to see their course as done, because of the nature of Duolingo courses continuously requiring new translations and corrections. This is unlike a book or a compiled piece of software.

So sometimes it makes sense for Duolingo to push out courses out of Beta status when they are good enough because the beta status may make people believe that it still hasn't been tested thoroughly. For example, how many people would consider being a passenger on an experimental plane that is in "beta" status ?

As for the TTS, I really think the course developers should push for Duolingo to allow embedding of audio files in the sentence discussion, although a downside could be people linking to audio files containing inappropriate content. Though this already happens with images.


Such things are never finished, only varying degrees of utility. "Beta" means "For the adventurous." This is just like books and software - windows 10, anyone? Even Shakespeare would likely still be fine tuning his work, four hundred years later.


Not necessarily, compiled software cannot be changed. What software developers do is create a new file and simply replace the older one. Although I do agree with you that some things are never finished.

One can never truly stop learning a language, and as a result a language course can never truly be complete.

But a beta label is meant to signify that products " generally have many more bugs in it than completed software, as well as speed/performance issues and may still cause crashes or data loss."[1].


I'm not sure I would fly on an experimental plane even if it had come out of beta :)


Omg, Anrui! Have you heard the TTS on Quizlet? Just go to Quizlet and type in the search box: Duolingo: Swedish and try listening to any of the decks you find. Or try one of my decks linkhere. Click on "study flashcards" on the top left.

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That is the worst thing I've ever heard! Truly awful!

I don't understand how they can allow such a bad TTS. They clearly use the same TTS for the Swedish sentences as for the English sentences.

It almost makes our TTS sound ok ;)


That is great, I am looking foward to use the microphone on the lessons too!!!


Does that even work? I mean have you tried it for another language here? I have not but I've tested it on Babbel and other sites and I've always failed :).


Well it helped a lot the one I used in EnglishCentral in order to prepare myself for the toefl... A co-worker told me he uses a lot in the course of Portuguese - English


Thanks! I must try it then.


I've found it works fairly well with Spanish. Sometimes it fails me when I said the right thing, though. I'm looking forward to testing my Swedish pronunciation


Congrats! That's a well deserved success!


Och tack för dig också, Helen. Du har varit jätte hjälpsam :)


Thanks, you receive a little red one for that if you tell me what lingot is called in Finnish!


While I don't know how lingot would exactly be translated from English to Finnish in this context, I would guess kristalliharkko (crystal bar/ignot) could be a close one. Other way around it's much easier: Lingot (pl. of linko) means slings, centrifuges, or older (by design) washing machines.


I wouldn't try to translate it at all. I would keep it 'lingot'. I don't know the story behind the word, but I suspect that 'ling(uistics)' has something to do with it.


That's my guess, it's not a proper noun but I think it could be, and you wouldn't try to translate the word "Oreo"* into something else.

*(I must be getting hungry).


Well we call it 'Domino(-keksi)' in Finland. It's a different brand, though.


I just learnt that it actually means something in French, but I agree that it should not be translated. I just thought it was called lingotilainen or something like that :).


Lingotti sounds like a type of pasta. :) (20 minutes to lunch time here). :)


Imponerande! Lingotilainen sounds like a citizen of Lingotland (cf. ruotsalainen = a Swede), so maybe 'lingotti' would be better? (Cf. a muffin -> muffini in Finnish)


The lingotlanders need a borgmästare!


Lingotti sounds just right, RikSha.


Helen: Lingottilaisten pormestari = lingotländarnas borgmästare


Ha. Good that you're out of beta. I liked the leniency on the diacriticals. I like if it says, "pay attention to the accents" rather than "you have a typo." Still, it's better than totally ignoring it!

Great work. Maybe someday I'll make real use of this! Hope so.


But they are different letters, the dots and circles are NOT just accents. ÅÄÖ have their own place in the Swedish alphabet as distinct letters. In fact they come at the end of the alphabet. Ä is not even next to A in alphabetic order.

So it is definitely a typo if you type "a" instead of "ä," because it is the completely wrong letter. It is like thinking you can type Q instead of O in English just because they look the same.


I'd love to see the double-blind study that established this fact. ;-)

What we have is a different perspective. Actually a 'q' really is an 'o' with special marks added to make it represent the sound k. Just as the letter 'll' is two letters. These are appropriate paradigms, even if not accepted by the authorities.

The difference, you understand, isn't between hitting [a] or [å], it's between a or [alt]+[0]-[2]-[2]-[9]. That's the fast way of typing it, unless I want to give up all my punctuation.

It's not a huge issue. The current Duolingo solution is better than the Memrise solution (where they ignore diacritics and accents unless you put some but not all.)

P.S. Taking me to task for not getting them right, admittedly IS a good thing. Hated when I got no notice. I would have to check closely how it treats me on the "almost" which would mean failing my time-session.


Yes, that may be the origin of the letters, but if you go around thinking that you can type o instead of q, you are going to look very silly and maybe be misunderstood. And the same if you use a/o instead of åäö. In the thread about åäö buttons being added, someone has good examples of words that completely have their meaning changed by substituting a/o instead of the actual letters.

If you are serious about learning Swedish, you should probably look into a better way of typing the åäö than the alt-numbers. You can switch your keyboard layout, for instance, there's a lot of help for that around.

Anyway, my original point was just that an error message saying "Pay attention to the accents" would be absolutely incorrect and misleading. Because even if accents are the origin of the letters, today they are letters in their own right as acknowledged by the Swedish alphabet.

Actually, é is not a distinct letter in Swedish, so in that case "Pay attention to the accents" would be fine to say.

I really think there needs to be a lesson or some reading about the alphabet and åäö. (Ugh, I think it would actually be easier if the letters looked nothing like a and o, because then there wouldn't be so many people trying to convince themselves that the dots are just unnecessary decoration)


I use a Swedish layout on my keyboard when doing lessons. It makes it so much easier to use the å ä ö letters. Windows does a decent job of switching between layouts.


@glitterkitty: Forlåt. Jag vill inte gör problemet. Jag pluggar på svenska i en timme varje dag, med Memrise och Duolingo. Jag använda å, ö och ä nar jag skriver, med alt+299 eller värför räkneörd jag behöver. Men, jag behöver att lara räkneörder för min stor bokstaver. Det är lått, använda WINDOWS svenska tangentbord, med duolingo. Vi behöver inte citationstecken eller annan stecken, på duolingo. När jag skriver förverkligen, i livet, det är inte bra, darför att jag behöver alla stecken.

Men jag förstår värför ni sagar jag skulle gor det med tångentborden. På en uppgift, det kan att arbeta.

Förlåt om jag skriver det dåligt Jag gör det bara ifrån minne.

Jag vill att lara mormors språket utantill, och pratar flytande. Kommer det på frågan? Jag måste att förtsätta att arbeta allvarlig.

Forgive me. I don't want to make the problem. I study Swedish for an hour everyday, with Memrise and Duolingo. I use å, ä and ö when I write, with alt+299 or whatever figure I need. But, I do need to learn the codes for my capital letters. It's easy, using windows Swedish keyboard for duolingo. We don't need quotation marks or anything, IN DUOLINGO. When I write in life, it's not good, because I need all the marks.

But I understand why y'all say I should do that with the keyboard. For an exercise, it can work.

Sorry, if I write badly. I did this only from memory.

I want to learn Grandma's language by heart, and speak fluently. Will that come into the question? I must continue to work seriously.

I know that I'm a bit hard headed, but it's so easy to get taken wrong on the internet...


Here, have a lingot for taking the language seriously enough to adapt to a new keyboard layout for awhile. :) Many people don't seem to be willing to put any effort into that, which makes me wonder if they ever intend to actually use the language outside of Duolingo, or what.


Wooooo! Noticed the Swedish special letters appeared and figured that it meant that the course was finally out of the beta phase! Awesome work team!

And can't wait for the reverse tree! I'm sure you guys will make it as fantastic as this one is, I'm really looking forward to it... Once I've done this one (if I ever get to the end of it!)




I'm actually wondering whether you'll translate the Swedish tree into English, or translate Duo's English tree into Swedish, although there are bound to be many inconsistencies created by translating the English tree into Swedish (different skills/words. This seems like an interesting conundrum for Duolingo.

Also perhaps the Scandinavian incubator teams could collaboratively a common bonus skill related to their courses (maybe something related to Scandinavia or vikings).


THANK YOU guys for making this great Swedish course! I've been taking the course since a few days after it entered Beta, and I've never had so much fun learning a language before.

Congratulations and thank you! :-)


Thanks for all the hard work. Much happiness and joy at learning the Swedish language :)


Awesome news! Thanks Swedish team :)


Tackar och grattis!! I'm so looking forward to the reverse tree (and bonus skills maybe?) :)


Jag är mycket tacksam att kunna lära mig svenska med hjälp från er. Min dotter och hennes äkta man bor i Sverige med mina unga barnbarn. Jag hoppas att snart kunna småprata med dem i svenska!


Grattis och tack så mycket för alla dina hjälp! :)


Awesome! I just started learning Swedish and it looks like you all have done a fine job.


Utmärkt! Tack så mycket ni alla :)


Tack så mycket! :-) The course is really helpful and I dearly appreciate all your work.


Thank you so much, people! This course is awesome. I enjoy every minute of my learning.


:O o nice now sweden language is not Beta!!


Thank you Anrui, you're the best! And the team is really great too. It's been great fun working on the course :)


Grattis och tack så mycket ni alla! The Swedish team, course builders and moderators, along with some sympathetic native speakers and smart foreigners at high levels, have done a great job not only building the course but in responding to comments in the discussions and changing things when warranted. I've really appreciated the flexibility in accepting typos as well as very fluent English translations (rather than the stiffly literal ones that are necessary to use in other courses). You guys have really made an excellent course.


In regards the special letters, is there any way to disable the buttons for them that have started to appear under translation text boxes? I have a Swedish keyboard, so have no use for the buttons and find them quite distracting.

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I don't think that there is any way to disable them unfortunately, but I will check with the Duo-team


Thank you! Sorry to be a pain. It's just a little annoying since they're really not necessary for me, but I understand they're necessary for many other users.


are we expecting flash cards and the continuation of the course? and thank you so much for your work!

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