"You open the door."

Translation:Jij doet de deur open.

4 years ago



I read this as a command and wrote "Doe je de deur open", which wasn't accepted. I can understand now, from the correct solution provided, it's not an imperative, just a statement, but apart from this lesson preceding the imperative lesson, is there anything about it that makes translating it as an command wrong? Thanks for the help!

4 years ago


A rule I think that applies to all commands (at least in Dutch I'm sure) is that the subject doesn't get named in the sentence. So that would mean in this case the given sentence would have been "open the door" which would be translated to dutch as "open de deur" or "doe de deur open". I don't know if this is what you meant..

4 years ago

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If it was a command, I would expect a comma after you, since when spoken there will be a pause at that point in the sentence.

4 years ago


I wonder if "jij open de deur" would be equally acceptable.

3 years ago


Jij opent is probably accepted.

3 years ago


When would you use jij doet... open as opposed to jij opent? Are these forms quite interchangeable?

1 year ago


They are often interchangable. I guess it's more common for us to say 'jij opent de deur' instead of 'jij doet de deur open', probably because it's an extra word, but both is fine.

11 months ago


Oops! That's what I meant to type. Thanks.

3 years ago
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