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"Foreningen laver en aftale med medlemmerne."

Translation:The union makes an agreement with the members.

January 24, 2015



OooOOoOoo, three of the new fancy words in one sentence! :P


This is dumb. A "forening" is not just a union, eg, "Danske Elværkers Forening", or "Foreningen til Dyrenes Beskyttelse". It's also a club or an association. And a union is, strictly speaking, a "fagforening".


Those organisations sound pretty unified to me. But I agree, "association" would be a good translation as well. I just wouldn't call the EU a fagforening. :´)


Is aftale appointment and agreement? Appointment is to plan a meeting?If yes: how to differenciate both meanings?


Aftale basically means "agreement" or "arrangement" between two or more parties. This can include an agreement about holding a meeting.

Do you have an example where you would need to differentiate between the meanings? Otherwise, "appointment" can also be expressed as møde (meeting), or tid (if talking about something like a doctor's appointment).


Wouldn't comes to an agreement sound better?

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