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Suggestion: Disable audio for sentences including "de" for the time being.

Hello there!

First I would like to say thanks a lot to Swedish team for making this course (and congratulate them for graduating from Beta)! This is a really great course and I'm having a lot of fun. :)

However, something bothers me: because of the way the Text To Speech pronounces "de" as [de] instead of [dom], I'm afraid I will have a lot of trouble getting rid of that in my mind when i start actually speaking Swedish. It's hard enough to fight against the spelling, I don't need TTS pushing me the wrong way as well!

I try really hard to overcome it by pronouncing "de" as [dom] out loud every time TTS pronounces it wrong, to correct it in my head, but it's really difficult and I still find myself pronouncing it [de] unconsciously.

So it would help me a lot if the audio for sentences including "de" could be disabled: at least for translation sentences, where it's not really necessary, and I personally find that listening exercises including it should also be disabled, since what good does it do if it gets you to recognize the sound [de] as "de" when it should be "det"?

Please tell me what your opinion is on disabling the audio or any tricks that you use to get that pronunciation right in your mind.

Dear mods, what do you think is possible with the system, and are you willing to do it, even though I realize there's a whole lot of sentences to deactivate if you do it? Also, is any TTS upgrade coming up (which would make this discussion irrelevant altogether)?

Thanks in advance!

January 24, 2015



The only thing that is possible for us to disable is the type and listen-challenge. We can't turn audio off for other types of exercises. We're scheduled to get a new TTS as soon as the Duo team have time to do it, but we have no idea whatsoever how long it may take.


Okay I guess it's not as beneficial if you can't disable the automatic audio for it. The listen-and-type exercises seem less common. Thanks anyway! Also, good news for the TTS. I hope it will come before I finish the course! :)

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