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  5. "Tá níos mó ann ná riamh."

" níos ann riamh."

Translation:There is more there than ever.

January 24, 2015



This sentence is really confusing me. There is no reference to "big" at all in the English translation, while "nios mo" means "bigger".


níos mó can also mean "more"


There are more there than ever was not accepted?


Should have been accepted, of course.


I put "There is more than ever" and it was marked wrong. I just thought the "there" "ann" was the one at the beginning of the sentence...


It's this thing in English when "There ..." at the beginning of a sentence does not mean the "there" that is opposite to "here", but is a part of the phrase that indicates existence. Which is represented by Ta ... here in Irish. Like Ta ull i mo mhala (I hope it's correct x)) means "There is an apple in my bag". So, in the sentence where there are both ta and ann, you have to use "there" two times — because they are functionally different, even if they look redundant.


Is there anything wrong with the translation "There is more in it than ever."?


I added "before" at the end of the English sentence because it sounded more natural to me, but this was marked wrong. Would the "before" be expressed with another Irish word?


What is the distinction in Irish between 'there is more there than ever' and 'there are more there than ever'? If there isnt one, why aren't both answers accepted?


"there are" and "there is" should both be accepted, but only the latter is.

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