"Why are you not coming?"

Translation:Varför kommer du inte?

January 24, 2015

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Why does 'inte' appear after du instead of after kommer? Would Varför kommer inte du be incorrect?


Well, "inte" is a sentence adverbial ("satsadverbial" in Swedish) and in a main clause it comes directly after the verb:
Du kommer inte.

In a question, the pronoun and the verb change places:
Varför kommer du inte?

Here, "inte" is negating the whole sentence, but if you want to stress "du" (Why are the others coming but not you?), you can ask
Varför kommer inte du?

In a subordinate clause, the sentence adverbial must be placed before the first verb:
Han undrar varför du inte kommer.


Thank you. The more I learn about Swedish syntax the more it reminds me of what, to English ears, sounds almost Medieval or Shakespearean. Which makes a lot of sense.


English used to have more flexible word ordering. We still use the flipped ordering in questions and other cases, but it's often the auxiliary verbs, like to do, that end up at the front: "Why do birds fly?"

Wikipedia has an article on this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V2_word_order


Also possible when you want emphasis on du:

Inte kommer du.

Han undrar varför inte du kommer.


It feels more like Chaucer's Middle English than Shakespearian, Varför kommer du inte? Whyfor come you not ?



Varför kommer du EJ? Is this correct?


Yes, it's correct! "Inte" is much more common though.


I don't know how to place a picture in the comment section, but "Varför kommer du inte?" was said to be wrong? What?!


No, that's exactly what it says above?


Can you please tell me how I can insert a picture in my comment? I can show you what I mean.


so varför du inte kommer is wrong? (verb needs to come second?) why do you not come


I should have gotten it wrong; I said Varför kommer inte du?but it marked it as right...12/27/18


i wrote varför kommer inte du and it marked it as right, is it correct? and if so is it different from varför kommer du inte?

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