Time zone bug?

I live in Russia, Moscow time zone. Now it is 11:25pm, Saturday, but Duolingo reset my streak to zero and counted my recently done practice as done on Sunday. It also has I have 23 hours remaining.

Is this some bug? Could it be resolved please?

January 24, 2015


It's the way Duolingo is. It's always in the time zone you originally started the course.

Our government shifted our time one hour backward in autumn, so now it is GMT+3 rather than GMT+4. Does it mean Duolingo midnight will always be at 11 pm for me?

I have heard issues with that 'last hour of the day' before. I think daylight saving screw with Duo's time zone sometimes. The are not consistent across countries as well (some do not have any at all, and the US and Europe set them at different times etc).

I think this is one they are probably not going to be resolving soon, as I assume it will be fairly complex to accommodate all countries, and I particularly think this because this is not the first post that I read regarding this topic and so far it has not happened. :(

Sorry! Don't let it demotivate you!

I travel sometimes and it's difficult ... apparently the timezone can be reset if you use the phone app to the zone the phone is in. though there is no user interface way to do it.

see where I asked about it

It seems to me that its a bit short sighted. (maybe they should change it to count 24hrs since you last did a lesson? )

I think Duolingo doesn't take daylight savings into account. That's why this happened, it is best to email support to ask them if anything can be done.

When we had a time change here (Oregon, USA) my Duolingo time adjusted to match.

Olimo, message bchan. Lately, that seems to have had success for getting Streak issues resolved. Good to see you around. :)

Hi Usagiboy7! I didn't manage to do another two practice sessions to make my daily goal (30 XP) before midnight anyway, so I don't think my streak can be restored. Nice to see you too!

Well, perhaps they just adjust the time in the US. This isn't the first time someone has complained about daylight savings in Russia (

There is definitely some kind of bug here. I lost a 270 day streak because of this when I traveled from the US to Japan, and I almost lost the subsequent 50 day streak yesterday (when I was in Germany) - I only kept it because I bought streak freeze (which I immediately bought again because this is sure to happen again). It would be one thing if, when you did a lesson in the "wrong" timezone, if it credited the lesson to the day Duo evidently thinks it is, but I did my lesson and it showed that I earned points on Monday (the day it was in Germany), and it gave me credit for my 50 day streak, but then today, back in the US, it shows that I earned no points yesterday.

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