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"De datum van vandaag."

Translation:Today's date.

3 years ago



I think it's a bad translation on my part but just want to make sure. "The date from today." was my translation and it's something I made up since English is my 2nd language. I do catch myself using this and I haven't received any comments about it so far. I wonder if native English users ever use this sort of expression.

3 years ago

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I was born and raised in the United States and I've never heard someone say "the date from today". People here say "today's date".

3 years ago


Hey! Much thanks for the clarification. I think it's a ESL gimmick that ESL students come up with.

3 years ago


What is the difference between "today's date" and "the today's date". Only 1. one is correct.

2 years ago


'the today's date' is not correct - I can't think of a situation where it would make sense, we would always say 'today's date'.

1 year ago