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  5. "Vanligtvis är det så."

"Vanligtvis är det så."

Translation:Usually it is like that.

January 24, 2015



varfor ar 'det' efter 'ar'? V2?


Correct! Have a lingot! (edit, have 2 since it's V2, lol)


What's the difference between vanligt and vanligtvis?


Vanligt is an adjective, vanligtvis an adverb.


Why I learned Vanligt in this Adverbs module then :/ ?


Maybe simply to point out how some adjectives are made into adverbs, i.e. vanlig -> vanligtvis.


Is the pronunciation on vanligtvis correct? I hear the g in there, and I thought the g would get skipped over and I would just hear the t?


You're right, the g is very often skipped in everyday speech. You must be in the group that has the old TTS, because the new one does not say the g sound.


Do you know when my group might get the new TTS? I'm afraid I'm going to say "de" instead of "dom" when I talk if it's gonna be a while. D:


It totally depends on some algorithm of Duo's, so I don't think anyone can tell. Whenever the new voice scores better by some parameters of theirs, everyone gets it.
I had the old voice for Italian while I was learning it intensively and I felt it took ages before I got the new one, even though it was obviously so much better than the old one.


usually that's how it is?


I would generally prefer that as e.g. Vanligtvis är det så det är, but I wouldn't complain if it got accepted. It's a reasonable translation.


English is not my first language, but could it be "it's usually as such"?


I think that "usually it is so" should be a perfectly good English translation. Perhaps a little less colloquial, but the meaning is the same.


That is indeed accepted.


Is there a literal translation of "like that" in Swedish, and will it make sense?


works fine in most contexts I think.


I don't know if it's more "literal", but alternatives are på det viset '(in) that way' or som så 'like that, as such'.


Can you say "... det ar sa"? I mean, say where "det finns" is used in a statement, and "finns det" a question, what would this sentence look like as a question? (sorry, no special dots and circles on my keyboard)


I don't really understand what you're asking, but the way you would usually put this phrase as a question is "Är det så vanligtvis?". In Swedish, the verb comes first in questions and second in indicative clauses. That's why the word order in the question is similar to the sentence above.


Why does vanligtvis not translate to "ordinarily"?


can this be translated to "usually it is true"? cause i've heard "det är inte så" used to mean "that is not true".


No, it's not typically a good translation.


I don't understand how this translates to "Usually it is like that." ? Why is this not "ussually it is so"?


We use to mean "like that" and "like this" as well, but we do accept "so" too. The meanings are close and is a little more versatile than in English. :)

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