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"Words" tab for Danish

I was practicing some French/English when I noticed the "Words" tab, where shows all the words already learned and how much do you need to practice them. But then, when I came back to Danish, I realized that there isn't the same table of words. Anyone knows the reason or if they are working on this tab? It would be so amazing and helpful! <3 Thank you very much!

January 24, 2015



FYI: Irish also does not seem to me to have a Words tab.

I would have thought that the Words tab would be the same for all languages (that is, use the same code), but apparently it is not so.


I think the words tab (along with Immersion) is only for languages that have graduated from beta, but I'm not 100% sure.


I do think the same.

In the wait, I write all new words in an Excel files... And it is way better organized and adapted to my ways than the word tab. It also helps design the associated memrise course...


Oh, yeah... It makes sense. :/

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