"Det är inte bra att sitta för mycket."

Translation:It is not good to sit too much.

January 24, 2015

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[deactivated user]

    Jag har ingen tid för sådan oroar när jag använder Duolingo


    Det går också bra att ligga ner och studera!


    Mycket bra tänkt!


    In English, we would say "It's not good to sit too long." You really can't "sit too much." Can lange be used instead of mycket? Or is that strange in Swedish?


    Oh, this is really a scary warning to/for me, because I am sitting for such a long time in front of the PC monitor to learn Swedish every day, I often forget I have been sitting so long. Oh, should I write too long?

    It is good to know this Swedish expression. To repeat, det är inte bra att sitta för lång. Oh, I just wrote: för lång. Can I also say/write like that?

    Now I am determined to try learning Swedish while standing once in a while. Or do I need to take a coffee break sometimes? No, I do not drink coffee, I’d rather like tea.

    Incidentally, how do you say "I like tea better than coffee." in Swedish?

    "Jag tycker om te bättre än kaffe."?

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