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Please show whether a word is masculin or feminine when I look at the vocabulary section, without having to click on the word. It is very time consuming to click while I can take a glance or move over the mouse pointer.

August 3, 2013



i know, right? it can be soooooo annoying.


Thats How I Lose Hearts D:


When it is feminin you add an "E" ex.Grande Petite rapide forte these are all feminin..... When it is masculin you don't add anything it stays normal Ex.Grand Petit rapide fort these are all .....Masculin Le masculin La=Feminin girls are feminin in french which is (La) Boys are masculin which (Le) I hope tihs helps you


What I mean is I go to the vocabulary section and when I move my mouse over a word, it does not show (m) or (f). For example "pomme", go over it and it does not show "la pomme", you have to click on it to see the article, which is time consuming if you quickly want to go over gender for different nouns to refresh your memory and see if you are right.

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