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I'm getting no audio when using Chrome

I'm using Privoxy and Chrome and for some reason there is no audio when I click on the audio button. There's also no auto-audio.

November 18, 2012



have you tried turning privoxy off?


There are a lot of complaints about the audio by Chrome users. If it would be an option for you to use Mozilla Firefox, that would probably resolve your problem.

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Some of the extensions that we have found to cause problems in Chrome could also cause problems in Firefox. It's just best if users can run their browsers without extensions.


For me, recently, (a week or so,) Chrome would often get "scratchy" sounding - like lots of rapid breakups. I thought I noticed a similar effect with a youtube video so tried Firefox again today. Firefox seems fine. Last time I used Firefox at Duolingo it was painfully slow. Today Firefox seemed OK as far as speed goes too. I don't have many plugins or extensions in either one.


I have plug-ins disabled by default in Chrome. It seems to be working after I allow the plug-ins to run.

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