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Rewards for correct reporting?

Several times since I started using Duolingo I have reported what I believed to be instances when my answer should have been accepted but wasn't, and on several occasions I have received emails from Duolingo telling me that my answer has been added to the list of "correct" answers.

It is nice to receive this acknowledgement, but at the end of the day I still lost a heart when my answer was a valid one.

Therefore I would like to suggest that, each time we submit such a report, concerning an answer which is found to be valid, we should be credited with a "bonus" heart to be used as and when required.

This would encourage students to make reports, thus helping to improve the quality of Duolingo, and also prevent us feeling "hard done by" when we believe we have lost a heart unfairly.

August 3, 2013

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Yep, I agree. The points system should encourage people to do the right thing, and improving Duo is certainly the right thing to do. I have made this recommendation before, and I hope if its adopted that its backdated!

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