"Sim, mas é recente."

Translation:Yes, but it is recent.

August 3, 2013

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I don't really get the meaning of this sentence. Does it mean something like "it is spontaneous"? Or should it be "it was recent"?


Hello. Let me put in a context for you. "Você conseguiu esse trabalho antes de nos conhecermos?" (Did you get this job before we met?) The answer: "Sim, mas é recente." (Yes, but it's recent, which it means that didn't happen long time ago).


it's something that has been happening/has happened for little time/not long time ago


I hear what sounds like "mais" for "mas" in this exercise. Is this just my old ears, or a regional pronunciation, or is this word just always pronounced this way? Thanks.


Most of the time, their pronunciation is the same!

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