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  5. "They come on Thursday."

"They come on Thursday."

Translation:De kommer på torsdag.

January 25, 2015



Why is 'de kommer i torsdag' incorrect?


is just the preposition to go with days of the week, just like it's on in English and not In.
With months, it's i in Swedish and in in English.


Why is it kommer when they aren't coming right now? I thought it would be komma, as they're going to come on...

  • They [come] = de [kommer]
  • they're [going to come] = de [ska komma]

》In Swedish (& Finnish, etc.) future actions can often be implied with present tense.


I think is på torsdagen.


That would be if you’re contrasting it with other days or like making a schedule. Like På onsdagen handlar vi och på torsdagen kommer de. (On the Wednesday we go shopping and on the Thursday they come*. Otherwise you don’t use the definite.

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