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"Mamma bakar alltid goda kakor."

Translation:Mom always bakes good cookies.

January 25, 2015



I can't get enough of the TTS saying this sentence! So poetically accurate

September 18, 2016


Typo, but I like my translation: Mom always bakes good cooks!

August 15, 2018


So "kakor" can mean both "cookies" and "cakes"? I thought "cookies" would be "kex" in Swedish.

January 25, 2015


I wrote some about it here.

January 25, 2015


Fun fact: kexchoklad tastes nothing like cookies. It tastes more like chocolate-covered cardboard. Sorry!

June 5, 2015


I feel like swedish often implies a possessive pronoun, especially for relatives. (As an example: There is a sentence with spending time with the kids, where a posseessive pronoun is not needed in Swedish but in English.) However, "my mother always bakes good cakes" was not accepted as an answer here and I am not sure why. Could somebody explain? Thanks!

January 8, 2016


You're right, the possessive pronoun is used more often in English than in Swedish. The version with my is accepted in some places in the course already I think and I've added it here now. If you miss it anywhere else, please report it via the Report an error button. Thanks!

It's totally possible to say min mamma in Swedish too, and we definitely would if we were comparing her cookies to those of someone else's mother, but we are slightly less likely to use the possessive with mamma than you would with mom in English. We are a lot less likely to use the possessive pronoun in cases like jag borstar tänderna = 'I am brushing my teeth'.

January 8, 2016


Thank you =)

January 8, 2016


Accent so much

May 22, 2017


Why is "Mom bakes good cookies always" not accepted? Thanks

April 12, 2018


probably because it's not good english but yeah it's still technically correct

September 19, 2019


this is so american i cant even

September 19, 2019
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