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How am I supposed to start over/deactivate my account?

I'm trying to start my tree over but every time I try and make a new account it says "email is already taken" but then I try and sign up to a new account with my facebook and it automatically logs me into my original account. So sadly I deactivate my account and disconnect Facebook before I do so. Then I try again and it automatically reactivates my account and connects it to Facebook (keeping in mind I disconnected it from Facebook already) and now it seems impossible for me to restart my progress.

Is there anyway around this problem? I'm all out of ideas.

August 3, 2013



Go to settings, Account Tab, and looks below where you choose your 'Language Learning', and it says remove or reset languages. Hope this is what you are looking for!


Duolingo keeps a record of the e-mail adress and does not permit the use of the same e-mail for more that one user. Even if you deactivate the existing account, you will probably not be able to create a new one with the same e-mail. What you can do, is to reset the existing account from the settings.

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