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  5. "I have neither."

"I have neither."

Translation:Níl ceachtar agam.

January 25, 2015



Is there no word for "neither" in Irish and instead, you put "nil" before the "ceachtar" which means "either"? Is this case similar to "never" and "ever" in Irish?


Does this mean " I have neither" (of 2 objects not mentioned) or "Neither have I?/ I don't either?


tá X agam - "I have X"
níl X agam - "I don't have X"
níl ceachtar agam - "I don't have either"/"I have neither".

To translate "Neither have I" depends on what you are referring to. To agree or disagree with something in Irish, you repeat the verb:
"I haven't seen it". "Neither have I" (I haven't seen it either)
Ní fhaca mé é. Ní fhaca mé é ach an oiread
"I haven't heard of it". "Neither have I" (I haven't heard of it either)
Níor chuala mé faoi. Níor chuala mé faoi ach an oiread

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