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"Where is Scotland?"

Translation:Cá bhfuil Albain?

January 25, 2015



Why doesn't it have the "an", like other country names? Is there a pattern to this or is it just memorization?


The majority use 'An'. Those that don't include: Éire, Albain, Sasana, Ceanada, Meiriceá, Meicsiceo, Iosrael, Mósaimbíc among others. There's no pattern that I can see, seems quite random.


It's been driving me crazy!


Shouldn't 'Cá bhfuil Alba?' be accepted?


Alba isn't the nominative of it any more.


That's not what the dictionary says: 'ó thuaidh de Shasana atá Alba' is given as an example (http://breis.focloir.ie/en/eid/alba). I know that what you said about Éire and Éireann no doubt applies here, vis-a-vis native usage, but actually to disallow the traditional nominative form seems a little extreme.


The issue about the EID is that it's so dated. I mean, almost 70 years. If you check the New English-Irish Dictionary, which is to be De Bhaldraithe's successor, you'll see they only list Albain.

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