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  5. "Jag tänker måla huset."

"Jag tänker måla huset."

Translation:I intend to paint the house.

January 25, 2015



I'm thinking of painting the house is not accepted. In English, this means that you have not really formed an intention; you're not committed to the idea of it, but you're definitely considering doing it. What would be the best way of expressing that in Swedish?


Probably Jag funderar på att måla huset.


Aha, thanks so much. I'd forgotten fundera på!


All of the hints for "tänker" are about planning and intending. Does it not have a "thinking" meaning? I sort of thought that it had to do with a mental process, as opposed to "knowing" or "believing".....


Is the intention here to make a painting depicting the house or to cover the house in paint?


I intend to paint my house?


I think I'm lost here. When do you use 'att måla' and when just 'måla'? Does it make sense to try to understand this from my Dutch-speaking background (if anyone knows)? Tack på förhand!


Sorry, no Dutch, but "Tänka" is a "Modal" verb (there are many more.) Modal verbs take the infinitive without the "att"


Ok, so there's an actual rule for that, it's not just random. Modal verbs, got it. Maybe I should read the theory some time. Thank you, tack, merci, danke schön, gracias (I don't know what your mother tongue is) :)


Finna det någon skillnada mellan "tänker" och "planerer" i den här situationen? Jag har inte sett "tänker" användade som här innan.


Can we use ska instead of tänker?

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