"Ela lhe lê um livro."

Translation:She reads him a book.

August 3, 2013

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Do people actually speak this sentence in daily lives ? ' Lhe' and 'le' are / sound so much the same, it's like you are stuttering. Also.. who decides where/ when to put words before or after verbs and all that ? Thanks in advance to any who can help !


yes, we use LHE for indirect verbs,but for some verbs it sounds awkward (like "ler"). the object pronouns aren usually placed before the verb (eu o vejo, nós lhe dissemos, etc). If you have "infinitive+pronoun", he use it after the verb (não consigo movê-lo)


Well, I can say I don't use it in daily life...not at all I mean. Its too formal. And this sentence is specially awkward.

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