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  5. "Itear rís i Moscó."

"Itear rís i Moscó."

Translation:Rice is eaten in Moscow.

January 25, 2015



There have been a lot of examples in this category that use the briathar saor. Surely the idiomatic and non-specific English use 'they eat rice' etc should be accepted as a translation?


I agree.. I think it stems from the fact that the briathar saor is mostly taught as a passive construction, when it has instead become an autonomous one to native speakers - along the lines of "One does that...".


So is "They eat rice in Moscow" actually incorrect, simply not the best option, or should it be reported? I tried it on a whim instead of "Rice is eaten..." and received an error. Would "One eats rice in Moscow" be a better choice than the impersonal "they"?


In my view, “One eats rice in Moscow” would be the best option. “They eat rice in Moscow” would be acceptable as long as it’s unmistakably clear that a generic “they” is meant rather than a particular “they”.


Tagaim anseo chun nuacht dubh a imghabháil...

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