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Why did my streak reset?

Why did my streak reset? It was up to 31 or so. Does it only go up to a month and then roll-over or something? I absolutely did not miss a day. I can even click my weekly history to see that I earned at least 10 coins every day this week.

August 3, 2013



Most likely it reset because of a timezone problem. Streaks reset at midnight of your local time, but sometimes our estimate of your local time is wrong -- for example, if you travel or if your computer clock was set to a different time zone when you registered.

I should also say that practicing at 12:01am does not count for the day before.


Is there a way to change the timezone to my correct local one?


Sometimes - i get 'two' days in one - and that's not me doing it after midnight or anything. Just sometimes jumps up two streaks in one day :/

Would be great if DUO could a) make the 'streaks' more reliable, and b) perhaps have a list of 'streaks' - or the longest streak or something on your profile? Because 31 days is something to be proud of, yet alone 50!


Hope you get an answer. I never did.


I know the streak can surpass 31 days. I used to have over 50 days before I accidentally missed a day.


I agree. The streaks need to be made more reliable, and it would be really great if DUO kept track of our longest streak somehow. It would be added motivation to "break" our personal streak record.

I did get my Friday coins at about 1am Thursday night/Friday morning. Perhaps that is why my streak reset? It was about 32 hours between when I earned my Friday coins and when I earned my Saturday coins.

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