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A duolingo certificate for completion

There should be one

August 3, 2013



We're working on this, and it should be out in a few weeks!


Great news! Thanks!


Is the certificate out yet?


Can you please tell us when we can expect it? I would be very happy with a certificate, i really helps as a motivation! I would hang it proudly on my wall haha Thank you!


it's out!! look in your store section!


Luis, thank you for giving me the motivation to learn a new language, something I didn't think would be possible. Is there anyway I can print my owl certificate that flashed up on the completion of my Spanish tree?


I love getting the trumpets and trophies "Tah Dah!" It feels great for about 15 seconds - then you think "Aw Rats! 600 more points until the next level, darn it!"


So this certification system will be similar to Coursera's version? Because I adore Coursera, and you guys are even better! Hooray for free education and bettering the world around us!


I just checked Coursera and WOW it looks pretty amazing, thanks for sharing this site :)


You get a golden owl for finishing the tree, that's waaaaay cooler :) If you want a certificate to prove your language skills "officially", you have to take one of the official language proficiency tests, for example the DELF or DALF in French.


Yes, but there are people who don't have a possibility to test themselves. It could be very helpful to them.


It would be great. They can send certificate to email so we can print that.


Yes I agree with you we should get a certificate for completion good idea!!!


A sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction isn't enough?


Sense is overrated. If you do not want such certificate, you shouldn't use it. No problem.


Thank you Luis.

I think this is a good thought , everyone once thought of this, but people, think of something, if you want a valid certificate which companies can take into account, duolingo will need to be certified by some certification authority, as a valid language learning center, and that people, costs a lot of money, a hell load of money. It would be good to have a certificate though :).


Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. Interesting idea, though. Duolingo is moving in the right direction, I think.


DuoLingo was developed by a group from Carnegie Mellon University so I speculate that CMU might be able to act as the certificate authority which would reduce the cost.


I am so pleased to hear this duolingo! I always wondered if there could be a duolingo certificate. It is so nice to have something that proves how hard you've worked. I can't wait to see it! Thank you so much


would be a nice something to aim for :P


As much as I hate to be THAT guy, but .... without some kind of identity check, most people in the corporate and academic world won't take this certificate seriously.


We're aware of this. We plan to have multiple levels: unverified, verified, strongly verified.


Gracias Luis. That sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about this!


Sounds good. I wonder how rigorous the verification will be though? That will determine how seriously the certificate is taken.


Yeah I Agree We Should Be Awarded Its Like Learning For Nothing LOL :D


Other than the sense of personal achievement and the new skill that will enhance your travel experience and open up a world that was previously impenetrable to you and the insight that will give you a more refined perspective of the world, yeah it's like totally for nothing...


Not to mention just flat out teach you to read and pronounce accurately in a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language...My Portuguese has already improved so much .


I think AwesomeDragan18 is being a little sarcastic! :) No one learns for "nothing," but then again, we are learning for "free," so we are learning for "nothing." :)


Luis we ( some employees of RealNet http://www.realnet.com.mx ) and myself studied english with your system, but some of them finished on level 11 other on level 12, I am at level 12 but I had not fished yet !! So can you explain us why? By the way, I really like your e-learning system, it was wonderful to particicipate and make a conest on my company for the first guy to finish the course or getting the level 12. But I thin number of word to finish the english course is 1344, then you can not continue including if you are in the level 10, 11 or 12. best regards !!!


You get points for activities that do not, strictly speaking, count towards "completing the tree". Translation is the biggest thing that causes discrepancies, though you'd surely have noticed if you'd done so. More likely, it means you did more practise sessions and/or did better at them than the RealNet employees. Practise sessions score points that contribute to levels but not to completing the tree, and the better you do, the more points you get.

So the most likely meaning is that you haven't finished at Level 12 because you do a good job in practise sessions. That's a great reason not to be finished yet :) (Employees who finished before Level 12 can still do practises or translations to increase their level.


I'm really excited to hear this! How wonderful! Keep up the good work!

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