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  5. "Mangia il pesce quando vuoi."

"Mangia il pesce quando vuoi."

Translation:Eat fish whenever you want.

August 3, 2013



this is daft - if you haven't been given the info for the imperative, how can you possibly know this! This shouldn't be in a lesson at this stage, surely - especially when the lesson is supposed to teach you about the adverb.


If you aren't native speaker it is very difficult to know this expression. "Mangia il pesce quando vuoi" i traslated like that "He eats fish when(whenever) you want" i try to understand when we can use "mangia" wich is 3rd person singular in different situation, why we can't use "mangi il pesce etc.."


I think "mangia" is meant as a familiar imperative here, not as the third person. http://italian.about.com/library/verb/blverb_mangiare.htm


I'm mad about this sentence just like everyone else posting in this discussion, and I just want everyone to know that. Now I'm restarting the lesson.


if it is the familiar tense tui, voi why is it not mangi?


I've gotten this mangia thing wrong too. I guess thats how you're supposed to learn though. I remembered it from the last time and he eats made no sense so i tried it this way. So , we all learn. Eureka.


I should know better! "Come el pez cuando quieras". This is imperative!


Claro, pero todavĂ­a no hemos aprendido el imperativo...


I understood it was imperative but still don't understand why it is wrong to 'you' at the front of the correct translation?

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