"Stopt deze bus bij het museum?"

Translation:Does this bus stop at the museum?

3 years ago



I think "does this bus stop by the museum" should be accepted? At the museum/by the museum does have slight difference in meaning, but how can we tell from Dutch?

3 years ago

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Agreed and reported :)

3 years ago


I disagree, 'by the museum' and 'at the museum' aren't even slightly different, even if the bus stops right in front of the museum it is still 'by' it.

3 years ago


Does this bus stop near the museum?

Wasn't accepted

3 years ago


"By" or "at" the museum isn't the same as "near" the museum. Near is vague and could mean it stops somewhere perhaps even 10 minutes walk away, which wouldn't be "at" the museum at all.

3 years ago


Dies this bus stop by the museum, is also correct.

3 years ago


Why is it 'stopt' rather than 'stop'? Thanks in advance

2 years ago


In this sentence the verb 'stopt' is linked to its subject 'the bus'. In conjugating the verb 'stoppen' you will find: ik stop, jij stopt, hij/zij/het stopt, wij/jullie/zij stoppen. The bus is an 'it' so the correct verb is 'stopt.' If you are interested in conjugating a Dutch verb, there are a lot of places on the net to do this; I like this one here:

1 year ago
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